Unprecedented "super load" to be transported into Colorado

 Colorado State Patrol

Press Release



Sergeant Mike Baker

Public Information Officer



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                      Date:     December 19, 2013          Time:     1:45 p.m.


The Colorado State Patrol and Ports of Entry will escort a commercial motor vehicle carrying an unprecedented "super load" on Friday, December 20.  


Troopers and Ports officers will supervise the transportation of a natural gas vessel from Wyoming to Fort Lupton.  The total combination weighs approximately 1.1 million pounds, stretches 427 feet in length and 18 feet in width, and will be pulled and pushed by two trucks each.  The entire combination will have 38 axles.  


Although super loads are relatively common, Colorado never has hosted one of this size and scale.


To ensure the safety of all motorists as well as the super load, Troopers and pilot cars will guide the cargo during its journey.  The convoy will travel no faster than 25 miles-per-hour, slowing to no faster than 10 miles-per-hour when crossing bridges and other structures.  The convoy will utilize pullouts as necessary to avoid unnecessary traffic congestion along the route.  


The super load will enter Colorado from Wyoming on Highway 287, proceeding along highways 14 and 85 before entering Fort Lupton.  Motorists should expect the convoy to travel along those roadways prior to 10 a.m. on Friday.


Ports of Entry officers will weigh and inspect the super load on Weld County Road 43, utilizing 3 mobile POE units.