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The DataQs system is an electronic means for filing concerns about Federal and State data released to the public by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Through this system, data concerns are automatically forwarded to the appropriate office for resolution. The system also allows filers to monitor the status of each filing. The DataQs system is provided by the FMCSA.

Who May Register?

Any user can enter data challenges into the system including: general public users, commercial drivers, motor carriers, FMCSA/State Agency users, and FMCSA Administrative level users.
Commercial drivers may file challenges to their commercial driver data. To obtain their data, commercial drivers may request the information via the Freedom of Information Act website.
Motor carrier users may file challenges to data found on their carrier profile, SAFER information, and SafeStat Online record.

What Data Is Subject To A Challenge?

Data from roadside inspection and crash reports can be challenged through the DataQs system. Release of these data is done in the interest of information exchange and to satisfy the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act. The United States government assumes no liability for the use of the data.
With respect to crash and roadside inspection data, the Motor Carrier Management Information System documents the occurrence and results of these events as reported by the States. Any challenges to data provided by State agencies must be resolved by the appropriate State agency. Once a State office makes a determination on the validity of a challenge, FMCSA considers that decision as the final resolution of the challenge. FMCSA cannot change State records without State consent.

How Do I Register For DataQs?

All users are required to register with the DataQs system. Go to Click on the “Register Online” button and submit the registration form. You will return to the login page where you can enter your user name and password to access the system.
•Commercial Drivers are required to select “Commercial Driver” under the Organization Type selection.
•Motor Carriers are required to select “Motor Carrier” under the Organization Type selection. Motor Carrier users may 'validate' their account by entering their FMCSA provided Personal Identification Number (PIN).

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