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Is Window Tinting An Illegal Vehicle Modification?


New vehicle owners are often excited about their recent purchase and rush out and buy after market equipment that really helps to personalize the vehicle and make it their own. There is nothing wrong with this at all, as long as the use of the equipment is legal.


One of the most common upgrades done to a vehicle is window tint. Window tint is measured in percentages by Colorado law. When a percentage is discussed, it means the percent of ambient light outside the vehicle which is able to enter the vehicle. For instance, if a window's tint is measured at 2%, that means that only 2% of outside light is making it into the car. All original equipment side windows come from the factory tinted a little, most are tinted to somewhere between 70-80%, which looks fairly clear.


In Colorado, it's legal to darken windows behind the driver's seat as dark as you want them IF the front windows, driver's side and passenger's side, along with the windshield are at least 70% (clear automobile glass with NO tint).


Or, you can tint all of the windows in the car except the windshield to a maximum of 27%. Remember though that at no time, can your two front side windows be darker than 27%. Also, in Colorado no mirrored or reflective tint is allowed on any window of the vehicle.


Where do I find Colorado's Revised Statutes?


The Colorado Revised Statutes are available on the internet as hosted by the current publisher LexisNexis. is the website location for the statutes.


What are Colorado's Laws Regarding Vehicle Illumination?


Another popular upgrade is vehicle lighting. There are lamps of various sizes, shapes and colors available for purchase. The laws that govern lighting and lamps are long and can be confusing. To keep this as simple as possible, here are a few of the basics:


  • Headlights and other white lamps must be limited to a total of four.
  • Accessory lights must be non-glaring and are limited to the colors of white and amber or any color in between white and amber.
  • At no time are, red, blue and green lights allowed if visible from the front of the vehicle.

What is Colorado's Left Lane Law?


42-4-1013 (1) - Passing Lane (Left Lane Law) " A person shall not drive a motor vehicle in the passing lane of a highway if the speed limit is sixty-five miles per hour or more unless such person is passing other motor vehicles that are in a nonpassing lane or turning left, or unless the volume of traffic does not permit the motor vehicle to safetly merge into a nonpassing lane."

A brochure about Colorado's Left Lane Law, created by the Colorado State Patrol, is available by clicking here.


Does Colorado have a motorcycle helmet law?


Currently you are not required to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle.


Since the Department of Revenue has a record of my insurance, do I still have to have current proof in my vehicle?


Yes, under Colorado Law, CRS 42-4-1409(3), you must carry current proof of insurance in your vehicle.


How many vehicles can I have in tow?


C.R.S 42-4-504(4) No combination of vehicles coupled together shall consist of more than four units and shall not exceed a total overall lenght of seventy feet.

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