Officer Impersonation

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Officer Impersonation


What are the Colorado State Patrol's Recommendations for Safe and Efficient Traffic Stops?

If the legitimacy of a vehicle attempting to make a traffic stop is in question, a motorist may:


  1. Use a cellular phone and dial 911 or *CSP(277) to verify that the official attempting to make a traffic stop is a police officer. The communication officer will not advise why the motorist is being stopped only provide verification of the agency making the traffic stop.
  2. Activate the vehicle's emergency flashers, slow down, and proceed to a lighted public location.
  3. Request agency-issued identification card from officer. This practice should be limited to those times during which the driver has a substantial reason to believe the officer is not a credible official.


The Colorado State Patrol has promoted a high level of awareness amongst its employees in regards to potential apprehension on the part of motorist during nighttime traffic stops using unmarked patrol cars.


These are general recommendations and should not be construed to completely represent all Colorado law enforcement agencies. These are generally accepted practices recommended by the Colorado State Patrol.

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