Frequently Asked Questions

If you require information from the Colorado State Patrol that has not been addressed on this page, please contact your local Colorado State Patrol Office.
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Who do I Contact for a Background Investigation?


Colorado Bureau of Investigation at 690 Kipling or 303-239-4300.


Who do I Contact if a Family Member that Traveled Through Colorado is Overdue?


Call Colorado State Patrol dispatch at 303-239-4501.

Does the Colorado State Patrol have an official publication?


The Colorado State Trooper magazine is the only authorized publication of the Colorado State Patrol. This is made possible through our partnerships with the Association of Colorado State Patrol Professionals and the Colorado State Patrol Family Foundation. Be wary of individuals that attempt to solicit funding in advertising dollars or as a donation to any law enforcement agency. Please take the time to ask questions to verify their information and to find out where your money is going. Be cautious and if you are uncomfortable, please call the agency represented to make certain the solicitation is legitimate. Don't be fooled or become a victim of someone's moneymaking scam. For more information about fraud contact the Attorney General's Office at


Visit their website to find out more about the Association of Colorado State Patrol Professionals, the Colorado State Trooper Magazine and the Colorado State Patrol Family Foundation.

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