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What Are Colorado's Chain Laws?


To find out more information about the Chain Laws and requirements in the state of Colorado, click here.


Does Colorado have a Seat Belt Law?


Colorado law requires the driver and all front seat passengers to wear safety belts whenever the vehicle is operated on a public highway in the state. The requirement does not apply if federal law does not require the vehicle to be equipped with safety belt systems. An example would be vehicles that were manufactured before the federal requirement (i.e., prior to the 1968 model year). The fact that seat belts were removed from a vehicle sometime after it was manufactured does not exempt anyone from the law if seat belts were original equipment in the vehicle.


There is also an exemption for individuals with a physically or psychologically disabling condition when such disability would prevent the use of a safety belt. In order to be eligible for that exemption, a person must have a written statement from a physician. The statement must certify the disability and state the reason why use of a restraint is inappropriate.


The adult seat belt law is a secondary violation in Colorado. That means that a police officer cannot stop a vehicle if that is the only observed violation. Some other law must be violated in order for the officer to make a traffic stop. Once stopped for another violation, a driver may then be cited for a violation of the seat belt law if applicable.

Who do I Call for Road Construction and Road Closure Information?

The Colorado Department of Transportation
Road Closures 303.639.1111
Road Construction 303.573.7623
or 1-877-315-7623 from within Colorado but outside the Denver Metro Area or 303-639-1111 from outside of Colorado or within the Denver Metro Area.

If I Have Questions About CDL's or Commercial Vehicles Who do I Contact?


Colorado State Patrol Motor Carrier Services 303.273.1875.

Who do I Call When I Need a US DOT # for My Commercial Truck?


The Federal Highway Administration (US DOT) Motor Carrier office can be contacted at 720-963-3130 and the general number is 720-963-3000.


Who do I Contact About E-470 Tollways?


E-470 Toll Authority at 303-537-3470.

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