Colorado Auto Theft Prevention Authority (CATPA)



Auto Theft Prevention Tips

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) and the Colorado Auto Theft
Investigators (CATI) recommend a layered approach to preventing auto theft.

Layer 1
Use Common Sense

  • Lock your doors
  • Remove your keys from the ignition
  • Close your windows completely
  • Park in well-lit areas

 Layer 2
Visible or Audible Device

  • Audible alarm system
  • Steering wheel locks
  • Steering column collars
  • Theft deterrent decals
  • Wheel locks
  • Window etching

Layer 3
Vehicle Immobilizer

Thieves can bypass your ignition by “hotwiring” a vehicle. But you can put the heat on the bad guys by installing or utilizing a vehicle immobilizer system.

  • Smart keys with computer chips that must be present to start the vehicle
  • Fuse cut-offs
  • Kill switches
  • Starter, ignition and fuel disablers

Layer 4
Tracking System

The final layer is a tracking system that emits a signal to the police or a monitoring service when the vehicle is reported stolen. If your vehicle has a tracking system and is stolen, it can oftentimes be recovered faster and with less damage. Put your vehicle on the radar screen by installing a tracking system.


How Many Layers of Protection do you need for your vehicle?

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