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Colorado's Office of Preparedness and Security(OPS) was created under an emergency Executive Order issued by Governor Bill Owens on November 7, 2001, in response to the tragic attacks on the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and Flight 93 on September 11, 2001. These unexpected terrorist attacks, which were heretofore considered highly improbable, identified a critical need to bring focus and structure to terrorism prevention and preparedness.



The mission of the Office of Preparedness and Security is to ensure a safe and secure environment for the citizens of Colorado from intentional acts of terrorism, accidental harmful events or natural disasters through the implementation of innovative prevention methods, coordinated response procedures, and effective recovery plans.



Prevention and preparedness through partnerships.





Colorado Information & Analysis Center (CIAC)

Click here to view information about the Colorado Information & Analysis Center (CIAC).
The Office will be the central point for inter/intra agency information gathering, and as such, will be responsible for the review, analysis, and dissemination of such information. It will act as liaison between federal, state, and local agencies to effect the improved sharing of counter terrorism intelligence. The Office will provide information to industry and to the public that is essential to ensuring their safety and security. The Office will also be responsible for providing the Governor's Office with timely information relating to acts of terrorism or terrorist threats that directly impact Colorado.


Critical Infrastructure Protection

The Office will establish security standards for State facilities and for protection of their occupants. It will also develop, implement, and exercise plans for the continuity of State Government operations in the event of a threat or act of terrorism, or other natural or man-made disaster. The Office will also be responsible for identifying the State's critical infrastructures and for assisting public and private entities with developing plans and procedures designed to implement the protective actions necessary to maintain business continuity. Click here for more information on critical infrastructure.



The Office will coordinate law enforcement plans in the areas of prevention and preparedness with a focus being on an all-discipline/all-hazards approach. The Office will perform in an advisory role to the Governor's Office on matters relating to counter terrorism prevention and preparedness. Working within the State's existing emergency management system, the Office will review counter terrorism response plans as the State and local government levels to ensure that they are being developed as an integral part of any overall state plan. Click here to view the reference library.



The Office will coordinate law enforcement counter terrorism prevention and preparedness training on a statewide basis. Working with existing training programs, the Office will ensure that counter terrorism, planning, preparedness, and response training is provided to emergency responders, government officials, healthcare providers, and others including the private sector, as appropriate. Click here for more information on training.



Working with the existing emergency response and emergency management programs, the Office will provide assistance in developing and conducting terrorism response exercises for emergency responders, government officials, healthcare providers, and others to focus on the integration of Crisis Management and Consequence Management. Click here for additional resources.



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