Alcohol & Drugs

Crashes involving alcohol and drugs have twice the number of injuries and deaths as crashes without alcohol and drug involvement. They usually involve higher speeds, and often both the driver and any passengers are not wearing seatbelts.




For Patrol-covered crashes in calendar year 2008, 40.1 percent of DUI-caused crashes resulted in fatalities or injuries. When DUI was not the cause of the crash, only 15.4 percent resulted in fatalities or injuries.



For the past five years in Colorado, the number of fatal DUI/D caused crashes has remained relatively stable, although the number of DUI/D injury crashes has decreased significantly. This mirrors the national trend in which the total number of fatal crashes and fatalities are declining, while the number of DUI/D caused fatal crashes and fatalities has essentially remained unchanged.



For the most recent National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) report on alcohol related crashes and fatalities, click here.


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