Application Process

The Cadet Application process will be a seven month multi-part process from the time the application is put in to notification of being hired.



There are several different steps in the hiring process for the Colorado State Patrol Intern or Cadet position.

  • The first step is submiting the employment application packet at Then the HR Specialist will review your application packet for the basic minimum qualifications
  • All eligible applicants will be scheduled for the intial testing day, this day will be comprised of a minibackground, written objective exam, physical agility, and personality inventory test
    • If an applicant does not pass any portion of any test throughout this day, you will be removed from the application process
  • All eligible applicants will then move on to the comprehensive background investigation phase
  • If applicants score high enough, the polygraph phase will commence
  • The top applicants will move on to a series of post conditional offer tests before final job offer

Colorado State Patrol Troopers must be prepared to respond to a variety of physically and mentally demanding tasks at a moment's notice. Therefore, the Colorado State Patrol holds its members to high standards both academically and physically. Because of these standards that are set, all applicants are required to complete three physical agility courses. Below you will find the Initial Physical Agility Battery and Standards Information Packet. You can find the information regarding the CSP Wellness agility at the following site: CLICK HERE. The final agility will be a section of the post offer medical/physical.

This physical agility and the norms are derived from:

Physical Fitness Assessments and  Norms for Adults and Law Enforcement:
The Cooper Institute