Life Enrichment

The Life Enrichment/Family Services Unit (LEFS) was formed in 2005 for the express purpose of addressing the issues that law enforcement officers and their families face.  


“The Mission of the Life Enrichment and Family Services Unit is to provide for the development and enrichment of the personal and family lives of the members of the Colorado State Patrol.  It is our goal to be a resource to empower our members to arrive at their full potential in their families, careers, and communities.”


The LEFS Unit is addressing the following issues of officer well being and job performance during the current In-Service Training:


    • Emotional heath:  Stress Management
    • Physical health:  Personal Health and Fitness
    • Financial health:  Personal Financial Health


The LEFS Unit is an intentional effort to fulfill the third phase of the Colorado State Patrol’s Vision:  “. . . building partnerships with our employees to create a supportive environment for the realization of their full potential in their careers, families and communities.”


Unit director is Ed Maxwell (303) 273-1680 -