Trooper Pay and Benefits

Colorado State Patrol Pay Scale
July 1, 2013 - June 30, 2014




$100 Uniform Allowance
$100 Uniform Allowance
Maximum Monthly
Cadet (During the 26 week Academy and 11 week field training) $4480 $5114 na na
Trooper $5143 $7239 $5243 $7339
Corporal $5771 $7535 $5871 $7635
Sergeant $6867 $8265 $6967 $8365

* Troopers receive $100 per month uniform allowance in addition to the salary information above.

NOTE: Colorado uses a minimum to maximum pay scale.

Disability Retirement

As a state trooper, you are eligible to apply for disability retirement benefits immediately if your disability is sustained during the performance of your duties. The maximum benefit is 50 percent of your HAS, unless you have more than 20 years of actual service, in which case you will receive an additional 2.5 percent for each year over 20. For more information please visit:



Retirement Benefits

You qualify for a service or reduced service retirement benefit when you meet the age and service credit requirements for one of the following benefits:


Service Retirement
Minimum Service Credit Minimum Age
30 years Any Age
25 years 50
20 years 55
5 years 65


Reduced Service Retirement
Minimum Service Credit Minimum Age
20 years 50
5 years 60


Veterans Benefits


Veterans may receive five bonus points during our hiring process, and disabled veterans may receive 10 bonus points.  This may also include widows of eligible veterans.  Check the Colorado Constitution, Article XII Section 15 for eligibility.  When the application is turned in our Human Resources Section will check eligibility.  


The Colorado State Patrol academy has been approved by the Veterans Administration as an “on the job training” program.  Not only will eligible veterans receive cadet pay, but also educational assistance through the VA.  Check with the VA for current payment rates.  Once hired, the VA and the Colorado State Patrol academy training staff will assist eligible veterans sign up for this benefit.


Colorado State Trooper Uniforms Are Provided


All sworn officer uniforms are provided by the patrol.  This includes everything from the vest, sidearm, and boots, to pants, shirt, and hat.  The standard issue includes winter and summer uniform items.  As items are turned in from normal wear and tear they are replaced at no cost to our members.


The following benefits are provided by the State of Colorado:


  • Health Insurance - A variety of health insurance plans are available to state employees and their families. The cost of each plan depends on the services provided.

  • Life Insurance - A life insurance policy is provided to each employee at no cost to the employee.

  • Dental Insurance - A dental insurance plan is available to state employees and their families. Click here for more information.

  • Annual Leave/Sick Leave - Annual leave and Sick leave are accrued each month, the amount of leave increases with the length of service.

  • Paid Holidays - State of Colorado employees receive approximately ten paid holidays each year.

For more information about Colorado Department of Public Safety, State of Colorado Benefits contact:
Rhonda Johnson