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The career of a Trooper requires being in good physical condition so that as a Trooper you can perform daily tasks to the best of your ability. Daily tasks may consist of: arresting a non-cooperative suspect, pushing a car out of traffic, chasing a fleeing suspect, breaking up a fight, rescuing a citizen from a life threatening situation, removing heavy debris from the roadway, crawling around rolled vehicles, manning a road closure in inclement weather, and even just sitting in a patrol car for hours on end. These varying job tasks require you to be in good physical shape.


Fitness Trainee Before you join the Colorado State Patrol as a Trooper, there is a pre-hire fitness test that consists of an obstacle course and reactionary drill in which participants have five minutes to complete the obstacle course. For more information about the hiring process, click here.  



Pre-Hire Fitness Test & Uniformed Member Yearly Fitness Assessment


The Colorado State Patrol has a minimum fitness standard that is required by Cadets, as well as yearly by ALL Colorado State Patrol sworn members, including the Chief. The maximum time allowed for the assessment is 5:00 minutes to complete the entire fitness test. The assessment begins with the Trooper sitting in a chair with a seatbelt buckled, the stages are as followed:


1. Unbuckle the Seat Belt from a Seated Position (TIME STARTS)
2. Weave Through a Series of 9 Cones for 75' and Return
3. Step Through 10 Flat Rings
4. Drag a 120lb Bag for 20'
5. Lift and Carry a 45lb Crate for 20'
6. Grab a Handball From a Bucket and Cross Over a Jersey Barrier and Place the Ball in a Bucket
7. Grab a Handball From a Bucket and Crawl Under a 8' Tunnel and Place the Ball in a Bucket
8. Grab a Handball From a Bucket and Run Over a Bridge (6' tall x 24' long) and Drop the Ball in the Bucket (REPEAT 5 TIMES)
9. Push a Skid Cart for 24' (THIS IS THE HALFWAY POINT)
10. Turn Around and Push the Cart Back to the Start Line
11. Repeat Step 8 - 3
17. Sit down and buckle the seat belt (TIME STOPS)
18. Immediately move to a reactionary drill where there are 10 cards placed on two walls in a corner. The Trooper will place one foot on an "X" in the corner.
19. The Trooper picks up a baton off the floor (TIME STARTS)
20 Hit each number with the baton counting each number out loud.
21 After the Trooper hits the number 10 he/she drops the baton and repeats the exercise.
22. After the exercise is done twice the Trooper drops the baton (TIME STOPS)


Officers Training Your career as a Colorado State Trooper will be very physically demanding and you will need to be in the best physical shape of your life! To prepare you for this physical challenge, you will have a detailed physical fitness program during your stay at the Academy. Starting in week two, Academy cadets will participate in a physical fitness program three days a week. This fitness program will continue for the remainder of the academy.




During the Academy, cadets will participate in three Colorado State Patrol Fitness Assessments

  • 1st Phase Assessments - Week 2
  • 2nd Phase Assessments - Week 10
  • 3rd Phase Assessments - Week 19


Assessments are used to prepare cadets for the rigorous training that they will be going through during our Academy, and more importantly to get their fitness level increased so that they will be ready to work the road as a trained CSP Trooper. 

The events that make up each assessment are:


Officers doing push ups
  • Sit and Reach
  • Vertical Jump
  • Standing Broad Jump
  • Max Pull-Ups
  • One-Minute Max of Push-Ups
  • One-Minute Max of Sit-Ups
  • 300 Meter Sprint
  • 1.5 Mile Run
  • Two Minute Wall Ball
  • “Helen”, Run 400 Meters, 21 Dumbbell Swings, 12 Pull-Ups, (3 Rounds for Time)
  • “Fight Gone Bad”, Push-Press, Dead lift High Pull, Row, Wall Ball, Box Jumps (Each Exercise for 1 Minute) (5 Exercises X 1 Minute Each = 5 Minutes) (1 minute of rest after the 5 Minutes = 3 Rounds for Total Repetitions (15 Minutes of Exercise))


The CrossFit Program

Weight Lifting

During week three of the Academy, Cadets will be introduced to the CrossFit lifestyle and continue CrossFit workouts three days a week until the end of the Academy. This fitness program was developed to be very challenging and demanding on the mind and body to ensure the Cadet's physical fitness throughout the Academy It is our goal to create habit forming fitness training so that our Troopers are healthy, and fit to do their job without injury.


The CrossFit training method is a principal strength and conditioning program that is used in many police academies, and by tactical operation teams, military special operation units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide. The CrossFit program delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive.  The CrossFit specialty is not specializing, meaning it is not used by power lifters, body builders, marathoners, etc.  The CrossFit program is instead used by people who want to experience fitness rewards rewards when they are involved in combat, survival, many types of sports, and life in general.  For more information on the CrossFit training program, click here.


The CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience.  The program can be tailored to fit everybody with scale, load and intensity.


CrossFit workouts are extremely demanding and will tax the capacities of even the world’s best athletes.  If you are interested in becoming a CSP Trooper, you would be well advised to take on the Workout Of the Day, (WOD), carefully, cautiously, and well in advance of coming to the CSP Academy.  The WOD can be found on the web site, or by clicking here. The WOD is totally free, and will give you a jump start on being prepared for the physical training of the CSP Academy.


Fitness Programs

Are you ready to be challenged?
Below is a four-week, WOD beginner program. This program has been provided so you can get a feel for what the CrossFit workouts are going to be like when you get to the Academy.

CrossFit Week 1

CrossFit Week 2

CrossFit Week 3

CrossFit Week 4



Not ready for CrossFit?


If your physical conditioning is less than you desire, and you are not ready to jump into the CrossFit lifestyle, you can begin preparing for the WOD with a twelve-week starter program that has been provided for you by the CSP Training Coordinator.  This twelve week starter program will prepare you to use the three week program above.

CrossFit Starter Program



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