Colorado Department of Revenue
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Colorado Marijuana Tax Data

Note:  Medical marijuana sales by county will no longer be published. Previous reports through FY 2014 - 2nd Quarter (Oct - Dec 2013) were based on taxpayer-reported sales for a particular filing period, while reports beginning with the January 2014 sale period show actual taxes paid in a given month.  As a result, the method of reporting on a quarterly basis will no longer be done.  Rather, the reporting method will be on a monthly period as of January 2014.

Total Marijuana Taxes, Licenses, and Fees
Marijuana Sales Taxes by County

Marijuana Retail Sales Tax Distribution to Local Governments
Fiscal Year Medical Marijuana Sales 
Quarterly Medical Marijuana Sales
Inquiries regarding these reports may be directed to the Office of Research and Analysis at (303) 866-5777 or e-mail