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Have you considered using Revenue Online to file your IFTA return? 

  • Do you use multiple types of fuel for your fleet?  Try Revenue Online to file all fuel types on one form. It will save you time, postage and consolidates your information on one return.
  • Revenue Online has all the rates for each jurisdiction and fuel type and will calculate the tax for you. The program calculates penalty and interest as well.
  • By filing your return on Revenue Online by the due date, you do not have to worry about lost or late IFTA returns.

Create your own Login ID and Password. Then use them to get to your account and File Now.


Still want to download a form?  These forms won’t have the tax rates but if you want to use a paper form, click the link below.

  • DR 0122 IFTA Tax Report  Note: Non-calculating fill-in forms are not saveable and will not file the return for you.  This form does not include tax rates or calculate tax. You must calculate the tax (rates are available at, print the return and mail it.  However, you can file the return now through Revenue Online