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Attention! Taxpayers with enterprise zone credits must file their return electronically.

This Web page is for those who have received a letter from the department because we were unable to process your income tax return based on claimed enterprise zone credits and the DR 1366.  Any return claiming enterprise zone credits require the DR 1366 to be filed electronically.

How to File the DR 1366 through Revenue Online

If your tax software does not support the DR 1366, EZ Carryforward Schedule, please:

  1. Complete all relevant fields on the DR 1366 that pertain to the specific enterprise zone credit you have claimed.
    • Designate the credit amount generated in each specific year, but only if the credit has been carried forward (or carried back) for use in 2012.
    • Designate the credit amount generated in 2012.
    • List the total credit amount being used in 2012 and the any unused amount being carried forward to subsequent tax years. 
  2. Print the completed DR 1366.
  3. Scan the document to create a PDF.
  4. Visit and select Submit e-Filer Attachment under either the Individual or Business menu to upload your PDF.


Important Reminder:
DO NOT submit this form with a paper return. You must file the DR 1366 electronically either through tax software or through Revenue Online.  If you can't meet this filing requirement, you must call (303) 238-7378 to request a hardship waiver before you file. Otherwise, your return will be rejected and we'll request the DR 1366 electronically. The Department of Revenue will not accept a paper submission of the DR 1366 without an appropriate hardship waiver.