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 1099-G Information

  1. What is form 1099-G and why did I receive it
  2. 1099-G Information
  3. What do I do if the 1099-G I received is incorrect
  4. Information from form 1099-G available on the internet

Balance Due/Lien/Judgment Information

  1. I received a notice that I have a lien/judgment filed against me. What can I do
  2. What must I do if I receive an income tax Math Audit letter
  3. I received a notice of deficiency/rejection letter. Why
  4. How do I apply for a Colorado offer in compromise if I owe Colorado income tax

Basic Income Tax Filing Information

  1. How can I get Colorado income tax forms
  2. How long should I keep copies of my income tax return and supporting documentation
  3. I just received another W-2 but I have already filed; what do I do
  4. Am I required to file an individual income tax return
  5. How do I file an income tax return for a deceased taxpayer
  6. Am I required to attach the federal return when filing my Colorado income tax return
  7. Does a Colorado resident who moves out of the country have to continue filing a Colorado income tax return
  8. How do I determine my filing status for Colorado income tax purposes
  9. Where can I get the Colorado income tax tables
  10. How is Colorado residency determined
  11. What is the income tax withholding on the sale of real estate
  12. Who can sign the income tax return of a minor child
  13. Is a Native American Indian subject to Colorado income tax
  14. I worked in your state and had Colorado withholding deducted from my pay check. How do I receive the withholding back
  15. Vehicle registration claimed on income tax return 
  16. Is a nonprofit organization required to file a Colorado income tax return
  17. Which Colorado income tax forms are filed by a sole proprietorship
  18. Should I send a copy of 1099s received with my income tax return 
  19. How does a limited liability company (LLC) file an income tax return
  20. How much Colorado withholding should be deducted from my pay
  21. Does Colorado tax the built-in gains of S corporations similar to the federal Internal Revenue Service
  22. What is the alternative fuel vehicle income tax credit
  23. How do I amend my income tax return

Direct Deposit Information

  1. Do I qualify to use Direct Deposit for my income tax refund
  2. Direct deposit account number and routing number information
  3. Why didn't I receive my state income tax refund through direct deposit
  4. How long does it take to receive my direct deposit state income tax

Estimated Income Tax

  1. What is the estimated tax penalty
  2. Do I have to make estimated income tax payments
  3. Can I get estimated payment booklets by mail
  4. Are estimated income tax payments required for corporation

Extension Information

  1. Extension of time to file -- How do I apply
  2. I was out of the country for part of the year and missed the April state income tax filing deadline. Can I use the state's automatic extension of time to file

Income Tax Credits/Subtractions/Addbacks

  1. What Subtractions can be reported on the Individual Income Tax Return
  2. What is the state income tax deduction addback
  3. Does a rollover from my traditional IRA to a Roth IRA qualify for the pension subtraction
  4. What is the pension/annuity subtraction
  5. What is the child care contribution income tax credit
  6. Wildfire Mitigation Measures Subtraction

Interception of Tax Refund

  1. Why was my refund intercepted
  2. What can I do if my income tax refund is intercepted due to a spouse's debt

Military Filing Information

  1. Does Colorado comply with the Federal Military Spouse Residency Relief act
  2. Are military retirement benefits taxable in Colorado
  3. How does a Colorado resident serving in the military file a Colorado tax return
  4. How does a resident of Colorado serving in the military outside of the U.S. for 305 days of the year file a Colorado income tax return
  5. My spouse/child is out of the country on military orders; can I file and sign the income tax return for them

Net Operating Loss

  1. How do I calculate a net operating loss for Colorado individual income tax
  2. How does a corporation calculate a net operating loss for Colorado income tax

Online Services

  1. Can I file my taxes over the Internet
  2. How can I change the address on my income tax account
  3. How can I access my individual income tax account online
  4. Electronically filed my return did not receive confirmation. How can I tell if return was received
  5. Status of income tax refund
  6. How can I get a copy of my income tax return
  7. I mailed in a payment with my income tax return and the check has not cleared my bank account. Did you receive the payment
  8. How do I make installment payment arrangements

Part-year Resident/Nonresident

  1. What is a Colorado part-year resident
  2. What income of a nonresident will Colorado tax
  3. How does a part-year resident or nonresident compute Colorado income tax
  4. How do resident or nonresident aliens file a Colorado income tax return
  5. Part-Year and Nonresidents -- Full-Year Residents Married to Part-Year or Nonresident

Property Tax/Rent/Heat Rebate (also known as "PTC")

  1. What is the property tax/rent/heat rebate
  2. I am filing for the PTC rebate for the first time. What information do I need
  3. Can an individual who defers their property taxes claim the Property Tax/Rent/Heat rebate


  1. Tax Relief for Victims of September 2013 Severe Weather
  2. What is the federal Health Care Premium Tax Credit and how do I qualify 
  3. What qualifies as common-law marriage for filing a tax return as "married"
  4. Does the Colorado Department of Revenue handle "Unclaimed Property"
  5. How is withholding from gaming winnings reported to the Colorado Department of Revenue
  6. Where can I find my unemployment number
  7. Where to mail tax forms
  8. Colorado tax incentives/benefits for retirees
  9. I did not receive a copy of my W-2 from my employer. Can I get a copy from the State
  10. Does Colorado offer innocent spouse relief for income tax purposes