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The workshop presentations on this page are in Adobe PDF format. These documents are view only and do not carry with them the opportunity to obtain CPE credit. If you cannot attend a live workshop event but you want to obtain CPE credit, see our Department of Revenue Online Tax Classes.

The PDF files may be large and take some time to download. If you can't download these files or view the information for any reason, contact us.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer, you will not be able to view the PDF files unless you download the free Acrobat Reader download.

Presentations in PDF Format

Contractor/Manufacturing Industry [PDF]
Hospitality Industry [PDF]
Income Tax

Tax Year 2013 (PDF)
Tax Year 2012 (PDF)
Tax Year 2011 (PDF)
Tax Year 2010 [PDF]
Tax Year 2009 [PDF]
Tax Year 2008 [PDF]
Tax Year 2007 [PDF]


Sales Tax Fundamentals [PDF] June 4, 2014

Non-profit/Tax-exempt Entities [PDF]
Printing/Advertising Industry [PDF]
Sales/Use Tax Part I [PDF]
Sales/Use Tax Part II [PDF]
Use Tax Advanced [PDF]
Withholding [PDF]