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Incorrect Scan Lines on Some Colorado Estimated Tax Payment Coupons

Posted: May 4, 2010
Attention Tax Professionals

The Colorado Department of Revenue wants to make tax professionals aware that some 2010 estimated income tax coupons that were printed using tax preparation software incorrectly printed tax year 2009 in the coupon scan line. This means the estimated payments for 2010 will be applied to the 2009 tax year. This could result in tax clients receiving the estimated payment back as a 2009 refund, or could result in a delay in 2009 refunds for these clients. The Colorado Department of Revenue will attempt to correct these payments manually in its tax system. However, this effort could impact the timeliness of some refunds and/or income tax account resolution.


The following companies should have contacted their software clients about this problem and issued a software patch to correct the problem for the remaining 2010 estimated tax coupons:


  • ATX-CCH – 104EP coupons (individual income tax)
  • Prosystem-CCH – 105EP coupons (estate or trust income tax)
  • CS Professional – 105EP coupons (estate or trust income tax)


We urge tax professionals to be careful when preparing the estimated tax coupons to ensure the scan line includes the 2010 reference date. If you have already printed future payment coupons using this software, you should print corrected coupons for your clients after the software patch is installed.


The Colorado Department of Revenue will try to make the income tax account corrections as quickly as possible.