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More than 2.6 million Colorado taxpayers who file income tax returns want to know…


  • What’s new for the 2014 filing season?

  • How to get faster refunds?

  • Which electronic filing option is best for me?

  • Where to get tax information and forms?


As news reporters and editors, you want to give Coloradans the most accurate and up-to-date information about what matters to them. The most pertinent and updated income tax information is available in this publication. 


 Pay special attention to the Colorado e-file section. In 2013, nearly 80 percent of Colorado returns were filed electronically, either using a tax preparer, or an electronic service. 


 The Colorado Department of Revenue (CDOR) is committed to providing information and services that help taxpayers file their returns conveniently, accurately, and securely. 


 The “official” tax season is from January 1, 2014 until April 15, 2014. Naturally, different topics are of higher interest to taxpayers during different times in the season.


 Table of Contents


What's new for the 2013 Income Tax Year?

Income Tax Statistics*

General Filing Information

Colorado e-file

Filing Information for Military Servicepersons

Direct Deposit

Online Tax Payment

Checkoffs - Donations to Worthy Causes

When to Expect Refunds

Intercepted Refunds

Failure to Pay is Costly

Automated Services and Office Locations


 *Includes Corporation, Individual Income Tax, Trusts and Partnerships