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Integrated Tax Accounting System

About the Colorado Integrated Tax System

Colorado consolidated more than 15 tax and fee programs into one integrated computer system. This project had been planned for some time and received funding approval from the Colorado Legislature in 2007. This effort is took place in phases through 2012. The Colorado Department of Revenue had been working with accounting systems that have been in existence for more than 40 years. Many of these systems did not "talk" to each other, making it difficult for the department to efficiently work with accounts. With the many changes to taxes over the years, it became clear we needed to move to an improved system that allows us to better process taxes and assist taxpayers. We believe this integrated system will make that a reality.

Why we consolidatied our tax systems?
Our priority is to assist you in meeting your tax obligations. We will be able to improve our service to you by working with a comprehensive view of your account rather than having separate views of your account for each type of tax you file. For example, if you have both income tax and business tax accounts with the department, having these in one system means the department can provide more complete service to taxpayers. The Department of Revenue is confident that with our accounting system, businesses and local governments will experience improvements in how we process tax returns; bill taxpayers; collect tax liabilities; provide tax information when you contact us; and enforce tax laws.