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Tax Forms File Links Form Number
Amended Return eFile Form 106
Catastrophic Health Insurance - Employee    Form DR 0811
Child Care Contribution - Credit Certification   Form DR 1317
Child Care Contribution - Grandfathered Organization   Form DR 1319
Child Care Contribution - Unlicensed Organization   Form DR 1318
Copy of Form Filed -- Request for    Form DR 5714
Electronic Filing Declaration - Partnership   Form DR 8453P
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Authorization   Form DR 5785
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Program   Form DR 5782
Estimated Partnership Coupon ePay Form 106EP
Extension Payment Voucher -- Composite Nonresident   ePay  Form DR 158-N
Gross Conservation Easement Donor Schedule  


DR 1303
Gross Conservation Easement Holders Submission of Information  


DR 1299
Gross Conservation Easement Public Information Schedule eFile  


DR 1304
Gross Conservation Easement Schedule   eFile


DR 1305
Gross Conservation Easement
Credit Transfer Schedule
eFile Form DR 1305E
Gross Conservation Easement
Credit Pass-Through Schedule
  eFile Form DR 1305F
Gross Conservation Easement Credit Use Schedule eFile Form DR 1305G
Medical Savings Account -- Employee    Form DR 0810
New Employee Credit Pass-through Schedule    Form DR 0086
New Employee Credit Progress Report   Form DR 0085
Nonresident Partner/Shareholder Agreement   Form 107/108
Partnership/S-Corporation Booklet  eFile Form 106
Partnership/S-Corporation Form  eFile Form 106
Payment Voucher - Partnership  ePay Form DR 0900-P
Power of Attorney   Form DR 0145
Tax Status Letter Request    Form DR 0096