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Excise Tax FYI Publications

The most recent versions of these FYIs are listed below. New versions will be added as they become available. FYIs are listed in numerical order. Where numbers are missing, the topic is obsolete and no longer applies. 

Adobe All publications are in an Adobe PDF Format.

  • Excise 5: Motor/Aviation Fuel Application, Licensing, Reporting
  • Excise 7: Tax Refunds for Exempt Use of Fuel 
  • Excise 8: International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) 
  • Excise 10: Colorado - IFTA and IRP Recordkeeping and Audit Information   
  • Excise 11:Environmental Response Surcharge and the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Inspection Fee
  • Excise 12: Colorado Alcohol Beverage Wholesalers and Manufacturers    
  • Excise 13: Alternating Proprietor Licensed Premises 
  • Excise 14: Passenger Mile Tax
  • Excise 15: Cigarette and Tobacco Product Information for Retailers (Updated)
  • Excise 16: Cigarette Distributors - General Information 
  • Excise 17: Tobacco Products Distributors - General Information
  • Excise 18: Master Tobacco Settlement Agreement 
  • Excise 19: Bad Debt Refund for Cigarette and Tobacco Wholesalers and Distributors
  • Excise 20: Bringing Personal Liquor Stock into Colorado
  • Excise 21: Shipment of Wine to Personal Consumers   
  • Excise 22: Bringing Untaxed Cigarettes or Tobacco Products into Colorado  
  • Excise 23: Excise Tax on Retail Marijuana