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Change or Update

Need to make changes to your sales tax account? Follow the information below, based on what you need to change.

  • If you have incorrect owner or business information on your Sales Tax License, you can complete the Account Change or Closure Form (DR 1102)  and submit it to us by mail.

  • If you need to update or change your address, correct it now through Revenue Online.

  • The following changes must be made by completing a Sales Tax / Wage Withholding Account Application CR 0100 and submitting it with any fees associated with the change.

    If a business's ownership status changes. (For example, from a partnership to a individual ownership.) The business must obtain a new account number. The department will open a new account for the new entity. This will be treated as a new application and all applicable fees and deposits will apply. With your notification the department will close your previous account.

    If a business opens an additional location, it must be added to the existing account. The fee for each additional location is $16, but, the $50 state sales tax deposit is not charged on additional locations. However, if requesting a new account number be established for a new location the license fee plus the $50 deposit must be remitted with the application.

    A mobile business (selling out of a truck or other vehicle), must have an account number for each state-collected jurisdiction (city/county) in which sales are made. A sales tax license ($16 fee) and $50 non-refundable sales tax deposit are required for the mobile business, however, there is no additional $16 license fee required for each jurisdiction. A mobile business selling food and/or beverages should contact their county's enviromental health department for local licensing requirments

NOTE: If you relocated to a new address in a different city and/or county, the sales tax rates are likely to be different from your previous location and there may be other types of taxes at the new location. You would need to file two sales tax returns -- one for the previous location and one for the new location.