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Cigarette and Tobacco Tax Forms File Links Form Number
Application -- Cigarette Distributor Form   DR 0218
Application -- Tobacco Products Distributor Form   DR 0222
Authorization Agreement For Automatic Deposits (ACH Credits) Form   DR 1011
Cigarette Tax Return Form   DR 0221
Copy of Form Filed -- Request for Form   DR 5714
Electronic Payment (EFT) Authorization Form   DR 5785
Electronic Payment (EFT) Program Information Form   DR 5782
Manufacturer Certification -- Tobacco Product Form   DR 0231
Manufacturer -- Non-Participating Member, Escrow Form   DR 0237
MSA Reporting Form -- Exemption from Monthly Reporting Form   DR 1286
MSA Reporting Form -- Monthly Non-Participating Brands Sold Form   DR 1285
MSA Reporting Form -- Monthly Transfer and Exports of NPM products Form   DR 1284
Surety Bond -- Cigarette Licensee Form   DR 0219
Tobacco Tax Return Form   DR 0229
Tobacco Products Tax Return for Non-Licensed Distributors Form   DR 0225