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Retail Marijuana Licensing Information

In order to submit a Retail Marijuana Business License application you must own a operational Medical Marijuana Business, in Good Standing.  If you meet this criteria make an appointment to come into our office at 455 Sherman Street, Suite 390, Denver, CO  80203, to meet with a background investigator who will review your application and ensure it meets the necessary criteria* for acceptance - see  statutory cite and bullet list below. 


To schedule an appointment send an email to DOR_MED_Appointments@state.co.us (the spaces between DOR MED and Appointments represent an underscore i.e. DOR_MED_Appointments.) Be sure to include each of the mandatory items listed below so that staff will be able to determine your eligibility status and contact you in order to schedule your appointment:


  • Legal Name of your Medical Marijuana Business
  • Your Name and Phone Number
  • Converting to Retail ONLY or requesting Combined Use
  • If Combined Use will you be relocating the business?
  • ALL License Numbers being Converted or requesting Combined Use
  • Local Jurisdiction (Local Authority) of each license


On the day of your appointment you must arrive at our office with the completed application, all supporting documents and two checks: one made out to the Marijuana Enforcement Division that includes both your $250 application fee and your MED License fee AND a check in the amount of $250 made out to the Local Authority in the area within which you plan to operate your Retail Marijuana business.



On or after October 1, 2013, a person who is operating in Good Standing a Licensed Medical Marijuana Center, an Optional Premises Cultivation License or a Medical Marijuana-Infused Products business or a person who had a pending application with the State Licensing Authority prior to December 10, 2012, has paid all applicable licensing fees, and has not yet had that application approved, may apply for a Retail Marijuana Establishment License under this article.


 Notice of Intent to Apply for a New Retail Marijuana Business License on or after July 1, 2014.


Under current statute, only individuals that own an operational Medical Marijuana business, in Good Standing may apply for a Retail Marijuana business license until July 1, 2014.  However, those that plan to apply for a new Retail Marijuana business license (Retail Store, Cultivation or Product Manufacturer) may file a Notice of Intent to apply on or after July 1, 2014.  It is not necessary to file a Notice of Intent if you plan to apply, but the Division will process applications upon which we have received notice first.


If you wish to submit a Notice of Intent to the MED, please download the Notice of Intent form, complete the portions of the form specific to the type of license you with to obtain and email it to DOR_MED_INTENT@state.co.us (the spaces in the email address indicate underscores i.e. DOR_MED_INTENT).  No fee is necessary for the submission of this form.


For Information on the Taxes associated with Retail Marijuana visit the Marijuana Taxes Web Page.


Necessary Forms:

MED Retail Business License Intak Process None
Retail Marijuana Business License Application DR 8548
Key Associated Person - only necessary for Lab Applicants DR 8520
Bond Form DR 8519
Check List for Application Submission None
Notice of Intent to Apply on or after July 1, 2014
(non-Medical Marijuana Business Owner)

Fees Due at Time of Application Submission:

Retail Marijuana Store, Cultivation and Product Manufacturing Business Application Fees
State Application Fee $250.00
Local Authority Application Fee $250.00
Retail Marijuana Store, Cultivation and Product Manufacturing Business License Fees are determined by the Type of Medical Marijuana Business License You Hold
If you own a:
Medical Marijuana Type 1 Center $3,750.00
Medical Marijuana Type 2 Center $8.750.00
Medical Marijuana Type 3 Center $14,000.00
Optional Premises Cultivation $2,750.00
Infused Product Manufacturer $2,750.00
Retail Marijuana Testing Facility Application and License Fees
State Application Fee $2,500.00
Local Authority Application Fee $2,500.00
Individual Owner Application Fee $1,000
Business License Fee $2,750.00