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2013 Rulemaking: Medical & Retail Marijuana

Through the permanent rulemaking process conducted earlier this year, the State Licensing Authority (SLA) identified four public safety issues - (1) an interim production cap for Retail Marijuana cultivation; (2) concentrate production safety; (3) edible product consumer safety; and (4) mandatory testing and random sampling - that it required additional information and public input on prior to adopting rules.  Therefore, the SLA had initiated follow-up rulemaking in order to promulgate clear and through rules that will address these important public safety issues.   


Opportunities for Public Input  


Written Comment:
The SLA encourages interested parties to submit written comments on the issues addressed during this rulemaking by November 13, 2013, so that the SLA may can review comments prior to the formal rulemaking hearing.  Written comments will also be accepted until the rulemaking record is closed following the formal hearing. 


The SLA will accept all written comments, but strongly encourages written comments to be submitted on the Rule Review Request Form (DR 2477) ;  please print, complete and save the form as a separate document or any comment you may will be lost.  You may mail a hard copy of your written comments to:

Colorado Department of Revenue
Executive Director's Office
1375 Sherman Street, Room 409
Denver, CO 80261

Or email them to dor_ruleform@state.co.us  - Please Note that the space between dor and rulesforms in the email address above denotes an underscore i.e. "dor_rulesforms"


Written Comments on the proposed rules will be accepted until

Monday, November 25, 2013, until 5:00PM



Public Comment/Testimony
The SLA organized stakeholder working groups to discuss each of the issues discussed above and provided recommendations to the SLA.  For more information regarding the working groups convened please visit our working group page by clicking HERE.  


The SLA also held a formal rulemaking hearing on November 18, 2013 - click HERE to listen to an audio recording of the hearing.   


Additional Comments for Medical Marijuana Concentrate Production, posted November 12, 2013

Additional Comments for Retail Marijuana Concentrate Production, posted November 12, 2013


Current Rulemaking Working Groups Page, updated November 8, 2013


Current Rule Draft Language Under Discussion - see Working Group page for meeting times & locations 
Interim Production Cap Draft Language, posted October 15, 2013
Medical Concentrate Production Safety Draft Language, posted October 17, 2013
Retail Concentrate Production Safety Draft Language, posted October 17, 2013
Medical Edible Production Safety Draft Language, posted October 17, 2013
Retail Edible Production Safety Draft Language, posted October 17, 2013
Retail Mandatory Testing and Random Sampling Draft Language, posted October 17, 2013


Rulemaking Announcement, October 11, 2013


 For information on the Administrative Procedures Act Rulemaking process visit the Secretary of State's Administrative Rules of State Agencies Web Page.

Previous Medical Marijuana Rulemaking Documents

Current Medical Marijuana RulesEffective October 15, 2013

Current Retail Marijuana Ruels, Effective October 15, 2013 


Audio Recordings of Tuesday, August 20, 2013, Hearing

Recording 1 of 3

Recording 2 of 3

Recording 3 of 3



Audio Recordings of Wednesday, August 21, 2013, Hearing

Recording 1 of 3

Recording 2 of 3

Recording 3 of 3







Redline Version of Revised Proposed Medical Marijuana Rules
** Published August 19, 2013**


 Revised Proposed Permanent Medical Marijuana Rules, 08/13/13


Medical and Retail Marijuana Rulemaking Hearing Press Release 8/14/13



The Medical Marijuana Differentiation Working Group has completed its work and as a result of this collaborative effort modifications have been made to the original draft.




Public Participation:  via public tesitmoney and/or written comment is welcome.  If you wish to submit written comments please send your statement to Jordan Wellington at jordan.wellington@state.co.us using the Rule Review Request Form (DR2477).   You may also mail any written comments to the Marijuana Enforcement Division at 455 Shearman Street, Suite 390, Denver, CO 80203. Please base your remarks on the August 13, 2013, draft language provided above.



SLA Permanent Rulemaking Working Group Announcement, Revised July 23, 2013

      Rule Review Request Form, (DR 2477), July 15, 2013  


 State Licensing Authority Notice of Rulemaking Hearing, July 15, 2013

Proposed Medical Marijuana Revised Permanent Rules,  Filed July 15, 2013

Helpful Information:
Link to DOR Amendment 64 Web Page - Permanent Retail Marijuana Rulemaking Information
Current MMED Rules
Secretary of State Formal Rule Making Information