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Early removal

There is only one way you can shorten your interlock ignition requirement. 


If you did the early reinstatement on a first time alcohol offense, your chemical test was less than 0.170, and if you completed 4 months of successful driving, the Department of Motor Vehicles will send you a letter indicating that you qualify to have your interlock removed early. Successful driving is defined  pursuant to C.R.S. §42-2-132.5(4)(II)(B) and provides for early release from the interlock, “. . . if the department’s monthly monitoring reports . . . show that , for four consecutive monthly reporting periods, the approved ignition interlock device did not interrupt or prevent the normal operation of the motor vehicle due to an excessive breath alcohol content or did not detect that there has been tampering with the device, there have been no other reports of circumvention or tampering, and there are no grounds to extend the restriction. . .”  


The department needs to receive evidence of the lack of violtion for 4 consecutive months from your interlock provider so do not expect teh letter sooner than sometime in the fifth month.


If you have a requirement to have Interlock for more than 9 months, there is no way to shorten this requirement.


If you believe you qualify and you did not receive a letter from the DMV that you may uninstall your interlock device, you may request a hearing by contacting the Hearings Division at 303-205-5606. Your reports will be obtained from the provider's website to determine what violations were reported to the DMV.  If you would like copies of these reports, you will need to request them as early as possible or at the time you request your hearing.


Legal Authority: C.R.S. § 42-2-132.5 


*Disclaimer: This summary was prepared by the Department of Revenue Hearings Division and should be used as a reference only. Interested parties should refer to the full text of the law and seek legal counsel before drawing conclusions.