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Archived News and Announcements




Governor Hickenlooper appoints new Motor Vehicle Dealer Board members. 


ALERT: Salesperson Renewals will be Re-mailed by the Auto Industry Division this month


Due to unforeseen circumstances, Salesperson License Renewal Application forms for licenses due to expire in July (with a licensure period start date of 8/1/2012 on the Renewal Application form) were erroneously mailed with incorrect information.

The Auto Industry will be re-mailing the Salesperson License Renewal Application forms on 6/22/2012. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Notice: Dealer Board Meeting 6/14/12 Changed to 6/19/12.




Dealers - Truecar Memorandum

December 16, 2011See attached memo surrounding the relationship between Colorado Motor Vehicle Dealers and TrueCar.


New Mastery Examination Affidavit - DR 2097 dated 4/28/11

Effective 4/29/11 - All applicants must use the new mastery exam affidavit. This form can be found in the  Forms & Publications section, as well as in each of the Dealers or Approved Providers Mastery Exam pages. See form DR 2097 - Examination Affidavit.


Mastery Exam Password Reset

As of 3/28/11, the On-Line Mastery Exam DEALERS password has been reset. To obtain the new password, contact:


New Dealers who do not currently have an administrator password should contact the mailbox above as well.




Uniform Consumer Credit Code (“UCCC”)

ATTN: Retail Sales Businesses

Companies that extend consumer credit in Colorado should be aware of amendments to the Colorado UCCC due to the passage of Colorado House Bill 09-1141. As of January 1, 2010 retail sales companies are required to file notification even if the contracts are sold or assigned within thirty days of the contract date. However, they are no longer required to pay volume fees. In addition, retail sales companies may be subject to periodic compliance examinations pursuant to Section 5-6-203, C.R.S. 


On Line Mastery Examination - Limited to 2x's per day

As noted in the "Mastery Exam" instructions section of the AID website (item #9) "THE NUMBER OF TIMES IN A CALENDAR DAY THAT AN APPLICANT CAN TAKE THE EXAMINATION IS TWO (2). IF YOU EXCEED THE 2x PER DAY LIMIT, YOUR THIRD (3) TEST (OR MORE) WILL BE INVALIDATED." Please share this critical instruction with your applicants.


Change of Class - Update

Effective 10/1/10 the Dealer Board will require all current Dealer/Wholesaler applicants who are changing their class to have a net worth of $100,000 and an Experian Vantage credit score of 701 or higher.


Net Worth and Credit Score Changes

Effective 10/1/10 the Dealer Board will require Dealer/Wholesaler applicants to have a net worth of $100,000 and an Experian Vantage credit score of 701 or higher. 


Public Notice - Revision of Examination Process for Mastery Examination


On Line Salesperson Portal

Due to a rule change that the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board has instituted, the online dealer licensing portal is no longer available. Please contact the Auto Industry Division at if you have questions regarding this new rule change.


FULL LEGAL NAME: All Auto Industry applications and forms require that a licensee use their full legal name as shown on the applicants Drivers License or Identification Card.

Holiday Office Closures

Please be advised that the division offices will be closed to observe holidays.


Odometer Disclosure Errors - Increase

MV, Title and Registrations are seeing an increase in odometer corrections. Licensed Colorado Dealers must ensure that the completed odometer disclosure submitted with the application for title is accurate and reflects the mileage that is displayed on the odometer mechanism at the time of sale. Read more by clicking on this link  Odometer Disclosure Errors



Only the latest form versions to be accepted! To find the latest forms go to the  Forms and Publications  page of our website.

Lease Buyouts through Colorado Dealers

Douglas County Motor Vehicle Department has noticed an increase of Dealers issuing Temporary Permits to customers who  buyout their lease  thru the Dealer.


Odometer Disclosure Requirements

Recent correspondence with NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) has initiated an odometer reminder. 




Recent Updates to Laws & Regulations



Pre-Licensing Education Certificate  Required. AID will no longer provide educational training. Pre-Licensing Education will be provided by an approved licensed education provider.