Human Services: FY 2013-14 Budget Request

FY 2013-14 Budget Request Submission - November 1, 2012


Cover Page and Table of Contents
Department Description
Line Item Description
Schedule 10
Change Requests

Corresponding 13s for DPA
Corresponding 13s for OIT
R1 Developmental Disabilities Services for new Resources
R2 Early Intervention Service Caseload Growth and Associated Case Management
R3A Strengthen Behavioral Health - Increase Access to Mental Health Institute Civil Beds
R3B Strengthen Behavioral Health - Improved Community Capacity
R3C Strengthen Behavioral Health - Crisis Response System
R4 Additional Funding for County Administration - Food Assistance Administration
R5 1.5% Community Provider Rate Increase
R6 Funding Request for Utilities
R7 Modernize Treatment Services at the Colorado Mental Health Institutes
R8 State Funding for Senior Services
R9 Adult Protective Services Data System
R10 Colorado Child Care Licensing System Incident Reporting Module
R11 Integrated Behavioral Health Services Data Collection System
R12 Technical Changes for Developmental Disabilities Programs

Schedule 2
Schedule 3
Schedule 14
Schedule 5
Schedule 6
Schedule 7
Schedule 8
Schedule 9
Strategic Plan



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