Higher Education: FY 2013-14 Budget Request

FY 2013-14 Budget Request Submission - November 1, 2012


Cover Sheet and Table of Contents
Department Description
Line Item Description
Schedule 10
Change Requests

Dl-1 Operational Funding Increase for Public Colleges and Universities
Dl-2 GF Increase for Financial Aid, Need Based Grants
Dl-3 Additional Funding for the Dependant Tuition Assistance Program
Dl-4 Ft. Lewis Tuition Waiver
Dl-5 Private Stipend Funding
Dl-6 Western Interstate Commission on Higher Education Dues
Dl-7 DHE Data Needs
NP-1 DHE-OIT Enterprise Asset Management
NP-2 DHE-CDE Categorical Program Increase

Schedule 2 and 3
Schedule 14
Schedule 5
Schedule 6
Schedule 7
Schedule 9
Strategic Plan
Tuition Memo to JBC



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