Health Care Policy and Financing: FY 2013-14 Budget Request

FY 2013-14 Budget Request Submission - November 1, 2012


Table of Contents v1
Table of Contents v2
Department Description
Line Item Description
Schedule 10
Change Requests

D R-1 MSP Narrative
D R-2 Mental Health Narrative
D R-3 CHP+
D R-5 MMIS Reprocurement
D R-6 FTE Request
D R-7 Substance Use Disorder Benefits
D R-8 Medicaid Dental Benefit for Adults
D R-9 Dental ASO
D R-10 Leased Space Rent Increase and True-up
D R-11 HB12-1281 True-up
D R-12 Customer Service Technology
D R-13 1.5% Provider Rate Increase
D R-Non Prioritized  
E R-1 MSP Exhibits
F R-2 Mental Health Exhibits
Fa Caseload Narrative

Schedule 2
Schedule 3 Summary
Schedule 3 LBG1
Schedule 3 LBG2
Schedule 3 LBG3
Schedule 3 LBG4
Schedule 3 LBG5
Schedule 3 LBG6
Schedule 14
Schedule 5
Schedule 6
Schedule 7
Schedule 9
Strategic Plan


Q FY 2012-13 HB 09-1293 Update 2012-11
R Tobacco Tax Update 2012-11
S FY 2013-14 Glossary



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