Department of Health Care Policy and Financing

Feb, 15 2012


1. FY 2012-13 Reconciliation
2. FY 2012-13 Schedule 2
3. FY 2012-13 Schedule 10
4. FY 2012-13 Schedule 11
5. FY 2012-13 Schedule 12
6. Caseload Narrative
7. Schedule 13

S-1, BA-1 Medical Services Premiums Request 

i. Table of Contents
ii.Exhibit A
iii. Exhibit B
iv. Exhibit C
v. Exhibit D
vi. Exhibit E
vii. Exhibit F
viii. Exhibit G
ix. Exhibit H
x. Exhibit I
xi. Exhibit J
xii. Exhibit K
xiii. Exhibit L
xiv. Exhibit M
xv. Exhibit N
xvi. Exhibit O
xvii. Exhibit P

S-2A, BA-2 Medicaid Mental Health Community Programs 

i. Table of Contents
ii. Exhibit AA
iii. Exhibit BB
iv. Exhibit CC
v. Exhibit DD
vi. Exhibit EE
vii. Exhibit FF
viii. Exhibit GG
ix. Exhibit HH
x. Exhibit II
xi. Exhibit JJ
xii. Exhibit KK
xiii. Exhibit LL

9. MSP and MH Line Item Description 
10.S-14 CBMS Improvements in FY 2011-12 and 2013-14

11. FY 2012-13 HB 09-1293 Update
12. Tobacco Tax Update  


Schedule 10

Schedule 11

Schedule 12



1. NP-S2, NP-BA1 DHS - Utilities Funding Request

2. NP-S3, NP-BA2 DHS - Colorado Mental health Institutes Revenue Adjustment

3. S-9, BA-3 – Smoking Cessation Quitline for Medicaid Clients

4. S-10, BA-4 - Utilize Supplemental Payments for General Fund Relief  

5. S-12, BA-5 - CBMS Technical Adjustment for Fund Splits in HB 09-1293 and HCPF Only Projects 

6. BA-6 - MMIS Technical Adjustments  

Supplemental Requests

1. NP-S1 - Additional Federal Funds for Medicaid Facility Survey and Certification

2. NP-S4 - Suspension of ICF/ID Provider Fee

3. NP-S5 - Common Policy True-up for CCLS and ALJ

4. NP-S6 - DHS Annual Fleet True-up

5. NP-S7 - FY 2011-12 Common Policy Allocation True-up

6. S-1 - Request for Medical Services Premiums

7. S-2 - Medicaid Mental Health Community Programs

8. S-3 - Children’s Basic Health Plan Medical and Dental Costs

9. S-4 - Medicare Modernization Act State Contribution Payment

10. S-5 – Medicaid Budget Reduction

11. S-6 - CHIPRA Bonus Payment True-up

12. S-7 – Hospital Provider Fee Administrative True-up

13. S-8 – Cost Sharing for CHP+

14. S-11 – Federally Mandated CHP+ PPS Payments to FQHCs and RHCs

15. S-13 – Commission on Family Medicine Residency Training Program Adjustment  



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