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Schedule 12



1. NP-1 OIT Communications Services Payments Utilities Increase

2. NP-4 CBMS Technical Adjustment for Fund Splits in HB 09-1293 and HCPF Only Projects

3. S-1, BA-1 Staffing, Pharmaceuticals and Information Technology Issues at the Colorado Mental Health Institutes

4. S-3, BA-2 Utilities Funding Request

5. S-4, BA-3 - Colorado Child Care Assistance Program Provider Self Service Portal 

6. S-5, BA-4 Colorado Mental Health Institutes Revenue Adjustment

7. S-6, BA-5 Colorado Works-Adjustment to County TANF Reserves


Supplemental Requests

1. NP-2 Annual Fleet True-up

2. NP-3 FY 2011-12 Common Policy Allocation True-up

3. NP-5 Hospital Provider Fee Administrative True-up

4. S-2 Suspension of ICF/ID Provider Fee



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