CDPHE: FY 2012-13 Budget Request

FY 2012-13 Budget Request Submission - November 1, 2011


1. Cover Page and Table of Contents
2. Department Description
3. Change Requets 
Solid Waste Program Increase
Preventive Health Funding
Long Bill Realignment
Amendment 35 FTE Funding Reduction
Annual Fleet Replacement
Eliminate vacant position in Health Care Program for Children with Special Needs
Across the board General Fund Reductions

4. Line Item Descriptions
5. Reconciliations
6. Summary by Long Bill
7. Line Item by Year
Division of Administration and Support
Center for Health and Environmental Information
Laboratory Services Division
Air Pollution Control Division
Water Quality Control Division
Hazardous Materials and Waste Management Division
Consumer Protection Division
Disease Control and Environmental Epidemiology Division
Prevention Services Division
Health Facilities and Emergency Medical Services Division
Emergency Preparedness and Response Division
Division Non Appropriated

8. Line Item to Statute
9. Special Bills Summary
10. Supplemental Bills Summary
11. Common Policy
12. Cash Fund Reports 



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