HCPF: FY 2012-13 Budget Request

FY 2012-13 Budget Request Submission - November 1, 2011


Vol 1.

1. Table of Contents

2. Department Description

3. Strategic Plan  

4. Summary of Change Requests  

Request for Medical Services Premiums  

Medicaid Mental health community Programs  

Children’s Basic Health Plan Medical and Dental Costs  

Medicare Modernization Act State Contribution Payment  

Medicaid Fee-for-Service Reforms  

Medicaid Budget Reductions  

Cost Sharing For Medicaid and CHP+  

Federally Mandated CHIPRA Quality Measures  

CHP+ Eligibility For Children of State Employees  

Utilize Supplemental payments for General Fund Relief  

CHIPRA Bonus Payment True-up  

Hospital Provider Fee AdministrativeTrue-up  

CBMS Electronic Documents Management System  

5. Non-Prioritized Items  


Vol 2.


1. Budget Request Table of Contents  

2. Line Item Description  

3. Reconciliation  

4. Summary by Long Bill Group 

5. Summary 

• Executive Director’s Office

• Medical Services Premiums

• Medicaid Mental Health Community

• Indigent Care Programs

• Other Medical Services

• DHS Medicaid-Funded Programs

6. Line Item Statute 

7. Special Bills Summary

8. Supplemental Bills Summary

9. Cash Funds Reports 

10. Position and Object Detail Report

11. Health Care Affordability Act Update  

12. Tobacco Tax Update  

13. Glossary 




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