Higher Ed: FY 2012-13 Budget Request

FY 2012-13 Budget Request Submission - November 1, 2011


1. Cover Page and Table of Contents

2. Department Description
3. Change Request Summary
4. Fort Lewis College Native American Tuition Waiver
5. Operational Funding Reduction to College and Universities
6. Reductions to Need Based Grants
7. Reduction to Work Study
8. 10% Personal Service Reduction to DHE and CCHE – Administration
9. Reduction to College Opportunity Fund to Private Institutions
10. Reduction to College Opportunity Fund lifetime credit hour limit
11. Phase out WICHE Optometry Program
12. NP-01 – CDE (R-2)
13. Tuition Letter
14. Reconciliation Table
15. Line Item Description
16. Long Bill Group Summary
17. Line Item by Year
18. Line Item by Statute
19. Special Bill Summary
20. Supplemental Bill Summary
21. Cash Fund Reports
22. Position and Object Code



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