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Broadband Planning

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Broadband planning in the state of Colorado is coordinated by OIT, but utilizes a collaborative group of local, regional and state representatives. The NTIA funded planning effort focuses on the support of Local Technology Planning Teams across the state. These teams are based on the premise that local solutions are the most effective and sustainable, especially with Colorado’s tradition of home rule. In addition, OIT has initiated a multi-jurisdictional group to promote local, regional and state collaboration in broadband planning. This group, the Colorado Broadband Knights of the Roundtable, is dedicated to creating a comprehensive, bottom-up approach to enhancing and increasing broadband deployment throughout Colorado. Its motivation is to allow local communities to grow and develop economically, enrich their citizens and allow for the efficient, effective and elegant delivery of public services.


Local Technology Planning Teams (LTPTs)


The Colorado Blueprint (a “bottoms-up” economic development initiative by the Office of Economic Development and International Trade or OEDIT identifies lack of or inadequate broadband as an economic development concern throughout Colorado. Regions and counties expressed the need for improved access to broadband as a foundation of economic development and innovation.


Local Technology Planning Teams are local and regional groups made up of community leaders, private citizens and business representatives who are focused on identifying broadband needs and developing unique solutions for their communities. Working independently and in conjunction with each other, these teams are both a source for the information used to develop this strategy and the end-point for its implementation. The Colorado Broadband Data and Development Program is an available resource for counties and Economic Development Districts in addressing broadband infrastructure issues and adoption and can facilitate a process for communities to form Local Technology Planning Teams. The CBDDP has developed a methodology for recruiting, operating and sustaining Local Technology Planning Teams based on lessons learned from the establishment of four pilot project teams. This process is documented in Local Technology Planning Team Lessons Learned.


The CBDDP has worked to establish many Local Technology Planning Teams throughout the state. For more information on the teams, please contact the team leaders listed below, or contact the CBDDP Communications Manager. Information about the teams is also available on the Colorado Broadband Map.


Download the Local Technology Planning Team Map



Broadband Knights of the Roundtable


The Broadband Knights of the Roundtable is composed of representatives from state and statewide efforts related to broadband as well as representatives from the LTPTs. The “Knights” has identified five key priorities to address in order to achieve the vision that all Coloradans have access to abundant, redundant and affordable broadband service. These priorities include:

  1. Engage Local Communities
  2. Coordinate and Collaborate on Broadband Activities
  3. Leverage Funding Opportunities
  4. Evaluate/Support Critical Broadband Policy
  5. Achieve Digital Literacy



For more information, please contact:
Megan Chadwick
Broadband Communications Manager
Governor's Office of Information Technology
(303) 764-7806