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Women in Technology: Unexpected Journeys

Come listen to women leaders in the technology world and hear their stories and descriptions of their career and life paths. The speakers will share their unique tales which may help provide insights and perspectives on your own career. Speakers will be available to answer questions and time will be allowed for audience interaction and discussion.

Sherri Hammons - Ms. Hammons is the Chief Technology Officer for the State of Colorado. Sherri has over 18 years of experience developing and executing IT strategies and is an established leader who thrives on collaborating with others to use technology for transforming and simplifying business operations. 

Micki Nelson - Ms. Nelson's career spans forty years in industries including architecture, structural engineering, construction, aerospace engineering, and information technology. Micki is recognized as a leader and innovator and is a big supporter and organizer of educational opportunities within the technical industries. 

Karen Farley - Ms. Farley is a Major Public Account Manager for Dell Computers. She is a Colorado native who was awarded her BS in Business Administration from Sterling College, Sterling Kansas. Her resume describes four separate career paths including defense, office products, construction, and information technology.

When: Tuesday June 25, 2013, from 8:30-10:00 am (doors open at 8:00)

Where: Colorado Technology Association | 216 16th Street, Suite 850 | Denver, CO 80202

Registration: http://www.coloradotechnology.org/events/event_details.asp?id=320772 

Questions: Please contact Maggie Reber-Wynn (mreberwynn@coloradotechnology.org



Past Events

APRIL 23, 2013: Green & Sustainable Information Technology
Information Technology is becoming increasingly complex and is requiring significant outlays of capital, energy, and physical resources. Green IT looks at IT investments with a focus on both financial and environmental sustainability. Topics included alternate pricing structures for data center energy requirements, energy use reduction techniques,  hardware recycling, management for sustainability and cost-savings, and design of sustainable infrastructure systems.

MARCH 25, 2013: Security and Advance Analytics: SAS Software
SAS software architect Jodi Blomberg discussed security, production, and social analytics in relationship to fraud, marketing, and trend analysis. Ms. Blomberg discussed the different aspects of cloud hosting of analytical software, End-to End services for analytics, and the potential inherent in engaging vendors to assist in developing an analytics process for government and business.

FEBRUARY 26, 2013: Document Imaging Process & Management by Perceptive Software 
Perceptive Software provided a detailed view of document and content solutions that helps organizations capture, process, and collaborate on important documents and content while protecting data integrity, eliminating bottlenecks, and accessing precise information at the moment it’s needed.

JANUARY 22 2013: A View to Salesforce.com - an event co-Sponsored by OIT, CTA, and KPMG)
This forum presented an in depth view of the products and capabilities of Salesforce.com. Salesforce is an enterprise software company focused on Customer Relations Management (CRM) products and areas of social media and enterprise. Riley Rhodes, Salesforce Senior Sales Engineer presented the product and demonstrated solutions-based activities.

NOVEMBER 27, 2012 End-to-End Services, Re-Shaping How IT Operates - an event co-sponsored by OIT, Colorado Technology Association, and KPMG)
This forum addressed the concepts and foundations of End-to-End services as they apply to modernization application and software management. Application of End-to-End services can increase efficiencies and save long-term costs by leveraging existing market expertise and timely infrastructure improvements. Speakers included Steve Fowler, OIT Director of Business Architecture; Bob Ogden, Swiftpage Chair and Founder; Matt French Sr., ServiceNow Director of Corporate Marketing. View the recorded web version here: http://cc.readytalk.com/play?id=9egfsk 

SEPTEMBER 25, 2012  Identity Management - When Thousands of Users are Changing Every Year - an event co-sponsored by OIT, Colorado Technology Association, and KPMG
This forum featured speaker Jenny McGurk, IT Program Manager for Douglas County Colorado School District.  Ms. McGurk provided insights and highlights of the Douglas County School District’s centralized, scalable, and automated solution addressing identity management issues within an ever-changing security conscious environment. She also addressed the technical, financial, political, and human aspects of building a modern Identity Management System.  View the recorded web version here:  http://cc.readytalk.com/play?id=26cy4w 

MAY 22, 2012  Data.Colorado.Gov - Colorado’s Open Data Portal Project for Data Transparency - An event co-sponsored by OIT, Colorado Technology Association (CTA) and the Statewide Internet Portal Authority (SIPA) featuring speakers from OIT and Socrata)
This session will cover all the details and information on the launch of data.colorado.gov, Colorado’s new open data portal for government and data transparency. Recently the Office of Information Technology and SIPA have signed a contract with a vendor to use an open data cloud platform and social technologies to deliver better citizen access to information, modernize online service delivery and improve internal efficiencies. With data.colorado.gov, the State of Colorado goes beyond compliance and puts the States data to work for all of its constituents – technical, non-technical, professional and developer. The data is only published once, but the constituents consume it in many ways: interactively online, using visualizations, via downloads, through an API, or even over the phone. They are empowered to distribute the data online and socially enrich it. With every interaction the data becomes more relevant and useful. It makes it easy for organizations to publish and manage public data by streamlining the data publishing process and automating maintenance and updates. Internal stakeholders, in any department or agency, with little or no technical assistance, become first-class data publishers. It reduces the cost of application development by using Open Data API to make it easy for civic application developers and the States own IT staff to turn an organization’s data into useful applications and services for your constituents. Build web-based apps, mobile apps, mashups, IVR and voice-based applications quickly and cost-effectively.  View the recorded web version here: http://cc.readytalk.com/play?id=dj5sqe 

APRIL 17, 2012  Cloud - Solutions and Utilization Considerations - a panel co-sponsored by OIT and the  The Colorado Technology Association (CTA) featuring speakers from Via West, Symantec, Dizzion, OIT, and moderated by AnoGenex, LLC)
This panel will discuss the strategy and issues related to utilizing cloud services. Colorado is instituting a strategy that establishes cloud based services and technologies as the first option for deploying applications or services and includes a decision rubric for deciding on a particular cloud delivery model. The panel will include consideration of technological, management or security questions in cloud deployments from experts involved in applying cloud technologies. View the presentation here . View the recorded web version here: http://cc.readytalk.com/play?id=f7zr5a.

FEBRUARY 28, 2012  All About Mobile - A panel Co-hosted with The Colorado Technology Association (CTA) featuring speakers from Vail Resorts, Aspenware, and Cisco and moderated by OIT’s Enterprise Research and Strategy Assistant to the CTO, Casey Carlson
Apps are everywhere... and the workplace is no exception. To add to the excitement, app-enabled SmartPhones and tablets are being brought to work at a higher rate than ever before. Employees are looking to get work done on their own terms, and that means on their own devices. This session is intended to offer a broad perspective of mobile including: usability and engagement, application development for multiple platforms, and current trends with wireless and BYOD (bring your own device). The expert panelists will share their experiences and successes in developing apps for their employees and customers, considerations for development, and architecture for secure mobility/network access. The discussion will offer insights on how the public sector can develop an innovative approach to mobile applications for more effective delivery of government services to citizens, and enabling the workforce in alignment with the Tech Roadmap’s “Any access, any platform, at any time” vision for the future of mobile in Colorado. View Event Presentation here . View the recorded web version here: http://cc.readytalk.com/play?id=agcqxg .

JANUARY 24, 2012  OIT Tech Roadmap presented by Sherri Hammons, CTO
The Compass: Technology Roadmap 2011-14 Presentation by Sherri Hammons provides an overview of The Compass: the Technology Roadmap for 2011-2014 (which includes the cloud strategy), the Colorado Information Marketplace, and other strategies that encompass OIT from an enterprise perspective, as well as allow time for feedback, open dialogue, and Q&A from participants.  A copy of the webcast is available here: http://www.colorado.gov/cms/oit/OITTechRoadMap.wmv  

DECEMBER 20, 2011  Network - MPLS Overview presented by Cisco
MPLS Overview Presentation by Tim Martin of Cisco.   Live WebEx link to view presentation online.  (Please note: There will be a browser plug-in (WebEx Player) that will need to be downloaded first to view the presentation; it only takes a minute.)

NOVEMBER 2, 2011  Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) presented by Sherri Hammons, Chief Technology Officer


Save the Date for Future Events!


July 2013 - Topic TBD
8:30-10:00am at Location TBD
Remote participant details: TBD

Future Topics May Include:
Identity Management (IDM)
Setting IT Standards
Project/Portfolio Management
Green IT
Collaboration and Business Enablement Tools
Software as a Service (SaaS)
Commercial Off-The-Shelf Solutions (COTS)
Business Intelligence Solutions
Setting IT Standards

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