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Press Release - GEO Awards $800K in New Energy Grants







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GEO awards $800K in Recovery-Act funded New Energy grants
Latest round of grant awards will aid small business, school districts, others in a wide variety of energy efficiency and clean energy projects

The Governor's Energy Office (GEO) today announced the award of a variety of New Energy grants to recipients across Colorado for energy efficiency and renewable energy. These grants, funded with American Recovery and Reinvestment Act dollars, will help create and retain jobs, strengthen local economies, increase energy independence, and save money and energy.

The grants, which total about $800,000, were awarded by the GEO in six categories and will go to 18 awardees, including small businesses, school districts, utilities, universities, non-profits and local governments.

Projects include development of ground-source heat pump projects on the Western Slope, funding for training to several businesses and non-profits that provide residential energy efficiency services, funding for energy managers to help school districts reduce energy bills and grants to retrofit historic buildings with energy efficiency measures.

"These grants are serving to expand the ecosystem of our New Energy Economy," said GEO director Tom Plant. "They are strengthening Colorado's energy marketplace with a diversity of projects that create jobs, increase our energy security, diversify our energy supplies and solidify our place as a national leader in building a clean energy future."

The GEO will be awarding additional Recovery Act-funded grants as well as continuing to offer multiple grant opportunities throughout the summer. A list of the grant category and awardees for this latest round follows:

  • Innovation Funding for Energy Efficiency: Grants for local businesses to assist with the costs in bringing new residential energy efficiency products or services to market: $60,984.
  • Awarded: SpiroFlo Technologies, $13,300; Symbiotic Engineering, $13,275; Real Time Marketing-Trilogy Technologies, $15,050; All American Energy, $19,359.

  • Energy Efficiency and Expansion in Training: Grants for local businesses and non-profits that provide residential energy efficiency services to aid in business expansion and new employee training: $90,568.
  • Awarded: Chinook Energy, $13,000; Colorado Housing, $28,950; Energy Delivery Services, $24,000; GB3 Energy Solutions, $19,618; US Weatherizing, $5,000.

  • LEED for Existing Buildings Certification Program: Matching grants for public universities and campuses to pursue LEED certification: $78,630.
  • Awarded: University of Northern Colorado, $31,105; Colorado State University, $47,525.

  • Energy Efficiency in Historic Buildings: Matching grants for energy efficiency retrofits or renewable energy installations on historic properties in Colorado. Grants will demonstrate such applications are practical on historic properties: $146,626.
  • Awarded: Como Eating House, LLC, $81,500; Town of Crested Butte, $31,130; SLATERPAULL Architects, Engine House #5, $10,000; John W. Rawlings Heritage Center, $23,996.

  • Energy Managers for Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES): Grants to provide energy managers to school districts through the BOCES model: $245,760
  • Awarded: Mountain BOCES, $141,385; San Luis Valley BOCES, $104,375.

  • Ground Source Heat Pump Pilot Program: Grant to partner with the GEO in offering a grant program for residential ground source heat pump projects: $197,500.
  • Awarded: Delta-Montrose Electric Association, $197,500.