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Press Release - 6 CO Cities Receive Grants for Energy Security




Friday, February 19, 2010

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Secretary Chu Announces Over $8 Million to Support Local Energy Assurance Planning Initiatives
Recovery Act Funding to Help Communities Prepare for Energy Emergencies and Disruptions
WASHINGTON - Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced today that the Department of Energy is making selection of awards for more than $8 million to 43 cities and towns across the country to develop or expand local energy assurance plans that will improve electricity reliability and energy security in these communities.  These emergency preparedness plans, funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, will help ensure local governments can recover and restore power quickly following any energy supply disruptions.
“These awards will help communities plan for quick, effective responses to a range of potential energy emergencies,” said Secretary Chu. “Energy assurance planning at the local level provides important support for our national security, limiting the costs and damages from blackouts and other energy disruptions and ensuring power is restored to homes and businesses as quickly as possible.”
This is the first time that the Department of Energy will provide grants to local communities for energy assurance planning.  Today’s Recovery Act awards will benefit almost 15 million citizens in 25 states by focusing on improved emergency planning for the entire energy supply system, including the electricity grid, refining, storage, and distribution of fossil fuels and renewable energy sources.  Plans will include how to ease the impacts of short-term energy disruptions along with strategies to deal with sustained energy outages.
These Local Energy Assurance Planning (LEAP) funds will allow local governments to hire and train staff and expand their capabilities to respond to a variety of energy emergencies such as blackouts, hurricanes, floods, ice storms, or possible terrorist attacks.  Each community will identify and assess energy supply disruption scenarios; train personnel on energy infrastructure and supply systems; and increase their knowledge of local energy interdependencies to reduce their response, restoration and recovery time.  Additionally, the LEAP funding will facilitate information sharing and coordination between states, local jurisdictions, and industry, reducing duplication and decreasing the time required to recover and restore the energy infrastructure.
The following grantees were selected as part of a competitive award process:

City State Population Recovery Act Funding*
Phoenix AZ 1,567,924 $300,000
Tucson AZ 541,811 $300,000
Chula Vista CA 219,318 $200,000
San Jose CA 948,279 $300,000
Visalia CA 121,040 $200,000
Aspen CO 5,902 $59,193
Aurora CO 319,057 $151,800
City and County of Denver CO 598,707 $210,040
Durango CO 16,416 $58,500
Lakewood CO 140,989 $195,000
Wheat Ridge CO 30,894 $130,000
Windham** CT 346,583 $255,587
Delray Beach FL 64,092 $130,000
Lake Worth FL 35,513 $130,000
Palm Beach Gardens FL 29,227 $130,000
Roswell GA 87,657 $130,000
Davenport IA 100,827 $200,000
Hailey ID 7,883 $83,202
Chicago IL 2,853,114 $300,000
Hoffman Estates IL 53,641 $98,556
Peoria IL 114,114 $200,000
Fort Wayne IN 251,591 $195,700
Speedway IN 12,594 $60,000
Manhattan KS 52,284 $130,000
Louisville-Jefferson County Metro Government KY 557,224 $300,000
Baton Rouge LA 223,689 $200,000
Boston MA 609,023 $300,000
Baltimore MD 636,919 $200,000
Flint MI 112,900 $199,814
Mayville MI 988 $60,000
Columbia MO 100,733 $200,000
Asheville** NC 500,000 $209,940
Raleigh NC 392,552 $199,972
Wilmington NC 100,192 $200,000
Newark NJ 278,980 $200,000
Hamilton OH 62,477 $130,000
Portland OR 557,706 $276,099
Salem OR 153,435 $175,000
Philadelphia PA 1,447,395 $300,000
Heber** UT 13,988 $100,000
Salt Lake City UT 181,698 $297,000
Virginia Beach VA 433,746 $200,00
Casper WY 54,047 $130,000
TOTAL   14,957149 $8,025,403


* Awards subject to negotiation
** Indicates population total for multiple municipalities