Colorado Economic Recovery and Accountability

Kevin DeLange

Kevin DeLange

Kevin DeLange, Dry Dock Brewery


"The Recovery Act has benefited out businesses primarily by being able to expand quicker..."

Kevin DeLange, owner of Dry Dock Brewery in Aurora received the "Small Brewing Company of the Year" award at the 2009 Great American Beer Festival. His four year old business was highly successful so he decided to expand with a loan from Key Bank. It wasn't until a few months before his planned expansion that he became aware of Recovery Act grants. The Small Business Administration waived his closing costs, which would have been $15,000-$20,000. DeLange used the money to purchase a new fermentor.

"Without the new fermentor we really would have struggled for the first few months," DeLange said. "It was really important that we purchase that equipment off the bat to keep up with demand."

The Recovery Act loan provided the funds to expand Dry Dock Brewery and The Brew Hut, previously in 850 square feet, into a storefront location spanning 3,200 square feet on Hampden Avenue. In addition to the increased space, their exposure on this highly trafficked road has helped the business grow. Their customer base doubled immediately and DeLange expects it to grow 30% over the near year.

"The Recovery Act has benefited out businesses primarily by being able to expand quicker with equipment purchases we otherwise wouldn't otherwise have been able to afford at the time which has helped us grow faster than we would have been able to."

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