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Patrick Jachetta

Patrick Jachetta

Patrick Jachetta

  "Without this food it'd be really hard.   It keeps me alive."

Patrick Jachetta, 49, of Arvada, depends on the charity work at Agape Life Church for his survival. He is homeless and lives in a shed he built near a creek. Once a week, he walks about a mile from his shack to the church to pick up a large sack of food. He has been homeless for more than a year.

"I haven't had a job in about a year now. I sleep in a shelter I built. I get up. I clean up and shave. I have a little barbecue grill and cook with a little bit of wood. It almost breaks your spirit but I keep trying."

Jachetta used to work as a cook at a restaurant and lived with roommates in a trailer. He lost his job when the restaurant closed down. He said he suffers from bipolar disorder but doesn't get treatment for it because he is afraid to go to the free clinic in downtown Denver.
"I'm not a thief. I just want to live."

Jachetta is soft-spoken and clean. He expressed deep gratitude toward the people at the church and the free food. He said he didn't know some of the food, like the meat, was purchased with Recovery Act dollars.

"Without this food it'd be really hard. It keeps me alive."



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