Colorado Economic Recovery and Accountability

Jace Sanders

Jace Sanders

Jace Sanders, 37, of Pagosa Springs, has worked in construction all his life. Seeking more consistent work, Mr. Sanders and his family moved to Phoenix a few years ago, hoping that the reliable Arizona weather would allow for a steadier job. However, when the recession hit and the company he worked for dropped in size 75%, it became clear that his current job might not be secure for long. Mr. Sanders explains, "Down there, we don't know if we're going to get laid off the next day or not." Furthermore, he and his wife desired to raise their five children at home, in Colorado.


After making some phone calls, Mr. Sanders was hired by the contractor, CS & W, to help rebuild the Durango County Airport. He didn't realize at the time that his new job was funded by Recovery Act funds. "This is the first real live job that I've been on that I've realized that actual stimulus money was being used on it," Mr. Sanders explains.


Mr. Sanders and his family are thankful not only to have a steady income, but also to live back at home in Pagosa Springs. "I think it's great," Mr. Sanders shares, "I mean, we needed a job and they were here for us... I can still pay my bills, take care of my kids and my wife, and keep our cars."


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