Colorado Economic Recovery and Accountability

Margareta Bancroft

Margareta Bancroft

Margareta Bancroft, 47, moved to Boulder from San Diego in January 2009 because she felt Colorado had a stronger job market than California. She had lived in San Diego for nine years, working as a solar energy consultant. She said the solar energy industry in San Diego was "was struggling big time." After moving to Colorado, she found a job at a Boulder software company but continued looking for a position closer to her field. After networking extensively and job hunting for six months, Bancroft contacted Standard Renewable Energy through a tip from a friend.

Standard Renewable Energy is growing fast, in part because of their Recovery Act contracts. They've been hiring and are still looking for qualified workers. In September, they hired Bancroft as an energy audit consultant. Bancroft's job is to visit clients, businesses and homeowners, and analyze their energy needs and offer solutions. She said she is grateful for the job and believes that her work is helping her community. She also feels like the Recovery Act is benefiting the country.

"I was very excited about the the Recovery Act because I feel like it's going to promote growth and provide a lot of opportunities to people who need it. I think it's an excellent thing for our president to do... because of the growth opportunities for all people," Bancroft said.

Job openings are listed on the company's website,


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