Colorado Economic Recovery and Accountability

Pueblo County

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Based on the latest information available to the Governor’s Office. This report is not comprehensive because new Recovery Act awards are announced frequently. This does not include funds - including income tax cuts, increased COBRA benefits, increased funds to cover Medicaid services and others - that cannot be broken down by county. The numbers below represent funds that have been awarded and are expected to be received over the life of the Recovery Act. The funds are distributed to a wide range of groups in the county and do not necessarily touch county government.





Community Services Block grant to Pueblo County for poverty reduction and revitalization of low-income communities. Pueblo County will be coordinating professional job skills training from Pueblo Community College instructors leading to a mini-certificate in one of 20 or more areas of specialization and/or customized job training programs in advanced manufacturing and regional training programs.




Community Development Block grant to the City of Pueblo for ADA improvements to City Hall.





Funds to pay for three full-time workers and five part-time workers in Pueblo County to expedite the processing of applications for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps)




Extra 13 percent in food stamp benefits about 28,000 people in Pueblo County between April 1-October 31, 2009




Grants to Pueblo County to provide congregate meals for low-income seniors




Grant to the Food Bank of Larimer County to distribute emergency food to households and provide meals to needy people




Grant for the Child Care & Development Fund in Pueblo County.




CAP RA TEFAP Administration grant awarded to Pueblo County Government. These funds go to sub recipient organizations that distribute food commodities to households that provide meals for needy people.






Justice Assistance grant to Pueblo County for law enforcement programs




Justice Assistance grant to the City of Pueblo for law enforcement programs.




Justice Assistance grant to Pueblo City Schools to fund a school-court collaborative project hoping to reduce truancy and promoting school engagement.




Justice Assistance grant to the City of Pueblo Police Department to obtain a nationally recognized computer software network that will allow the agencies to directly query law enforcement records management systems along the Front Range for criminal intelligence information and other crime data.




Various law enforcement equipment - JAG




P.R.I.D.E CopLink Project




Construction of Fire Station #4 to be located in Council District 4





Grant for landscaping and irrigation installation for the Eastern Gateway Landscape Project located at the intersection of SH 50 B and SH 47




Grant for pedestrian trail replacement and streetscape on Northern Avenue from Vinewood Lane to Prairie Avenue




Grant to the City of Pueblo to purchase five ADA-accessible buses and other transit vehicles.




HARP Veterans Bridge






Workforce Investment Act Funds for job training to Pueblo County residents




Wagner Peyser (WP) & Reemployment Services (RES) to Pueblo County




Extra 20 weeks of benefits, through the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program, for 3,773 people (as of June 30, 2010) in Pueblo County




Extra $25 per week in unemployment benefits through the Federal Additional Compensation program, for 8,247 people (as of June 30, 2010)




Additional 13 weeks of unemployment benefits through a new state law given to 976 people in Pueblo County as of June 30, 2010.






Energy Efficiency Conservation Block grant to the City of Pueblo to improve energy efficiency in buildings across the city.




Estimated funds to be spent for free energy efficiency upgrades in low-income homes in Pueblo County




Funds in principal forgiveness to Colorado City Metro District for water treatment facility upgrades.




Loan funds to the City of Pueblo for solar panels to be installed to existing wastewater treatment facilities




Funds in principal forgiveness to the Town of Rye for sewer line extensions




Energy Efficiency Conservation Block grant to Pueblo County for energy efficiency improvements in buildings in the county.




Soloar Photovoltic Array to provide electricity to both the Parking Garage and the City Fleet Maintenace Building.




Rebates for 104 people in Pueblo County for the purchase of energy-efficient appliances, including dishwashers, refrigerators, furnaces and boilers.






State Fiscal Stabilization Funds spent as of Sept. 30, 2009, to sustain jobs and programs at Colorado State University?s Pueblo campus.




State Fiscal Stabilization Funds spent as of Sept. 30, 2009, to sustain jobs and programs at Pueblo Community College




Title I-A funds for Pueblo County with high percentages of low-income students




Title I-D funds for schools with high numbers of low income students in the Pueblo City 6 school district.




IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) Part B funds for services to disabled students in Pueblo County.




IDEA Part B funds for disabled preschool students in Pueblo County.




Federal work study grants to Colorado State University-Pueblo students




Federal work study grants to Pueblo Community College students




Grant for school lunch services at Pueblo City 60 School District






US Department of Housing and Urban Development Public Housing Rental Assistance payments awarded to Bethlehem Square Apartments




HUD Homelessness Prevention & Rapid Response Rehousing Program grant to the City of Pueblo




HUD Capital Fund Modernization Program funds to The Pueblo Housing Authority for modernization of public housing facilities




Additional CDGB funding




Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant




$1,677,325       Small Business Administration Loans



US Department of Health and Human Services

  • State Board for Community College & Occupational Educational System - $791,491 ARRA Nursing Workforce Diversity Program
  • Pueblo Community Health Center, Inc.
    • $375,544 for increased services to health centers.
    • $943,630 to purchase equipment and furnishings, including for a new medical clinic being built at Routt and Colorado Avenues

 US Department of Homeland Security

  • City of Pueblo - $2,734,445 Fire Station Construction grant to replace Fire Station 4 with a new station that will improve emergency response times.


US Department of Justice

  • Boys & Girls Club of Pueblo - $42,500 ARRA National Youth Mentoring Programs grant


US Department of Agriculture

  • C X T, Inc. - $531,677 contract to manufacture, deliver, and install 21 prefabricated, precast concrete restroom buildings in the Pike San Isabel National Forest
  • West Range Reclamation LLC
    • $152,880 contract AG Ranch task order and fuels reduction services in Pike/San Isabel National Forest
    • $77,343 contract Skelton 3 task order and fuels reduction services in Pike/San Isabel National Forest
    • $433,117 contract Manchester task order and fuels reduction service in Pike/San Isabel National Forest

US Department of the Army

  • Work Zone Traffic Control, Inc. - $26,250 contract for the overlay of John Martin Dam Roads
  • Mass Service & Supply LLC - $5,923,695 contract


General Services Administration

  • Asbuilt Metron, Inc. (Sub-Recipient Award) - $110,000 Laser Scanning Services