Colorado Economic Recovery and Accountability

Lincoln County

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Based on the latest information available to the Governor’s Office. This report is not comprehensive because new Recovery Act awards are announced frequently. This does not include funds - including income tax cuts, increased COBRA benefits, increased funds to cover Medicaid services and others - that cannot be broken down by county. The numbers below represent funds that have been awarded and are expected to be received over the life of the Recovery Act. The funds are distributed to a wide range of groups in the county and do not necessarily touch county government.






$55,926          Community Services Block grant to The Colorado East Community Action Agency, which serves Cheyenne, Elbert, Kit Carson and Lincoln counties, for poverty reduction and revitalization of low-income communities. Funds will be used to provide services to low-income residents through Morgan Community College, the Small Business Development Center, regional workforce centers and social services departments.      


$45,865 Extra 13 percent in food stamp benefits to about 400 people in Lincoln County between April 1- October 31, 2009      


$8,016 Child Care & Development Fund grant to Lincoln County      


$12,650 USDA grant to Lincoln County to purchase equipment for off-line emergency power generation.      






$150,584 Justice Assistance grant to the Court Administrator’s Office, 18th Judicial District, which serves Lincoln, Elbert, Douglas, and Arapahoe counties, for their Mental Health Court Treatment Program. Funds will support a mental health and substance abuse treatment component of the center      






$12,248,750 Grant to improve 8.7 miles of US 40/US 287 between mileposts 413 and 422      




Grant to restore the only surviving brick roadhouse in the state and the last one affiliated with the Union Pacific Railroad








$383,271 Workforce Investment Act funds for job training to the Eastern Region, which serves Cheyenne, Logan, Sedgwick, Phillips, Washington, Yuma, Elbert, Lincoln, and Kit Carson counties      




Wagner Peyser (WP) & Reemployment Services (RES) fimds to the Eastern Region, which serves Cheyenne, Logan, Sedgwick, Phillips, Washington, Yuma, Elbert, Lincoln, and Kit Carson counties




$258,166 Extra 20 weeks of benefits, through the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program, for 42 people (as of June 30, 2010) in Lincoln County      




Extra $25 per week in unemployment benefits through the Federal Additional Compensation program, for 93 people (as of June 30, 2010) in Lincoln County




$56,036 Additional 13 weeks of unemployment benefits through a new state law given to 15 people as of June 30, 2010 in Lincoln County      






$98,919 Estimated funds to be spent for free energy efficiency upgrades in low-income homes in Lincoln County (low-income weatherization program)      




New Energy Economic Development grant to Merewether Farms in Karval to install a Hummer Wind Turbine to offset utility-based energy costs on the farm




$120,000 Energy Efficiency Conservation Block grant to the East Central RC&D for energy efficiency improvements in buildings in Elbert, Lincoln, Kit Carson and Cheyenne counties      




Rebates for 3 people in Lincoln County for the purchase of energy-efficeint appliances, including dishwashers, refrigerators, furnaces, and boilers.






$78,222 Title I funds for Lincoln County schools with high percentages of low-income students      


$1,452,604 IDEA Part B funds for services to disabled students in Lincoln County schools      






$81,344 US Department of Housing and Urban Development Public Housing capital fund grant to Limon Housing Authority