Colorado Economic Recovery and Accountability

La Plata County

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Based on the latest information available to the Governor’s Office. This report is not comprehensive because new Recovery Act awards are announced frequently. This does not include funds - including income tax cuts, increased COBRA benefits, increased funds to cover Medicaid services and others - that cannot be broken down by county. The numbers below represent funds that have been awarded and are expected to be received over the life of the Recovery Act. The funds are distributed to a wide range of groups in the county and do not necessarily touch county government.





$227,262                 Community Services Block grant to Housing Solutions for the Southwest, which serves La Plata, Dolores, Archuleta, Montezuma, and San Juan counties, for poverty reduction and revitalization of low-income communities. Funds will hire staff to provide increased services for foreclosure prevention through a onetime grant to help prevent homelessness by paying past due rent or mortgage or to help families get into permanent affordable rental housing      


$271,056 Extra 13 percent in food stamp benefits to about 2,700 people in La Plata County between April 1- October 31, 2009      


$50,665 Child Care & Development Fund grant to La Plata County      


$66,936 Child Care Financial Assistance grant to low-income working families to Ute Mountain Ute Tribe      


$60,124 Child Care & Development Fund grant to the Southern Ute Tribal Council      


$10,608 Grants to Ignacio Senior Center to provide congregate meals for low-income seniors      






$18,280 Justice Assistance grant to La Plata County for law enforcement programs      


$80,794 Justice Assistance grant to the City of Durango      


$83,765 Justice Assistance grant to the City of Durango Police Department’s Improving Communications and Crime Prevention program      


$255,681 Justice Assistance grant to Southern Ute Indian Tribe for their Drug and Family Court Services program      


$127,564 Justice Assistance grant to La Plata County 6th Judicial District Domestic Violence Prosecutor      




Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) funds to the Violence Prevention Coalition of SW Colorado for their The Yes We Can! Project of the Violence Prevention Coalition








$3,919,600 Grant to construct a new eastbound onramp on US 160 east of Durango      


$4,000,000 Grant to relocate the intersection of US 160 at CR 222/223 east of Durango and add lanes      


$216,666 Grant to construct a shared-use path and small pedestrian bridge on La Plata County Road 501      


$250,000 Grant to construct sidewalks on US 160 Business Route in Bayfield      


$1,937,647 Airport grants      








Workforce Investment Act Funds for job training to *Southwest County Region (Includes La Plata, Montezuma, Dolores, San Juan, and Archuleta Counties) residents




$162,272 Wagner Peyser (WP) & Reemployment Services (RES) to *Southwest County Region (Includes La Plata, Montezuma, Dolores, San Juan, and Archuleta Counties): residents      




Extra 20 weeks of benefits, through the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program, for 796 people (as of June 30, 2010) in La Plata County




$1,227,100 Extra $25 per week in unemployment benefits through the Federal Additional Compensation program, for 2,134 people (as of June 30, 2010)      




Additional 13 weeks of unemployment benefits through a new state law given to 134 people as of June 30, 2010








$71,900 Energy Efficiency Conservation Block grant      


$547,561 Estimated funds to be spent for free energy efficiency upgrades in low-income homes in La Plata County      


$193,956 Town of Bayfield received funds for the consolidation of two wastewater facilities      


$902,080 Ute Mountain Ute Tribe received funds from the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund      


$393,045 Colorado State Forest Service grant to the Colorado Division of Wildlife for the reduction of fuels in the Perin’s Peak State Wildlife Area. The agency will also plant 30,000 ponderosa ine seedlings to jump start the reforestation of 10 acres damaged by wildfire      




A total of 8 grants to the Southwest Conservation Corps from Independent Agencies for projects trail maintenance and reforestation projects




$58,500 Department of Energy grant to the City of Durango to develop or expand an energy assurance plan to improve electricity reliability and energy security.      


$4,075 Rebates for 42 people in La Plata county for the purchase of energy-efficient appliances including, dishwashers, refrigerators, furnaces and boilers.      








State Fiscal Stabilization funds to presever jobs and programs at Fort Lewis College over three years.




$407,197 Title I funds for Low Income Schools in La Plata County      


$12,324 Title I-D funds for schools with high numbers of low income students in the Durango 9R school districts.      




Title I, Part A – Improving Basic Programs Operated by Local Educational Agencies award given to Ignacio Joint School District 11




$1,549,521 IDEA Part B funds for services to disabled students in La Plata County      


$55,076 IDEA Part B – funds for disabled preschool students in La Plata County      


$138,818 Undergraduate Petrological Research grants to Fort Lewis College      


$30,004 Federal Work Study grants to Fort Lewis College      


$87,732 Head Start/Early Head Start funds to Southern Ute Indian Tribe      


$135,476 Head Start 2009 ARRA COLA Quality Improvement Funding to Ute Mountain Ute Tribe      






$733,956 Section 8 Rental Assistance Payment program funds awarded to Durango Housing Corporation      






$632,000 USDA-backed loan      


$1,629,250 Small Business Administration loans      




$256,750 US Department of Agriculture contract to F & M Construction, Inc. for Jackson Mountain Aggregate Haul