Colorado Economic Recovery and Accountability

Background on Jobs and Spending Data



The Recovery Act is designed to revitalize the economy by creating jobs, supporting struggling families and shifting the economy in a new direction. The Recovery Act also requires an unprecedented level of transparency about how funds are being spent. Section 1512 of the Recovery Act calls for recipients of certain grants, contracts and loans to submit a large quantity of data related to the use of the funds. For the first time, the federal government is requiring recipients to calculate the job impact created by these funds. The job figures are related to about one-third of all Recovery Act funds being distributed. Therefore, the total number of jobs created or retained by the Recovery Act is much higher than what is reported through the 1512 process.


The Recovery Act requires spending and job data to be submitted every three months starting in October 2009. This process is overseen by the federal government – mainly through the Office of Management and Budget and the national Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board. Federal agencies made changes for the second round of reporting, including a different way to calculate jobs and ways to flag potential mistakes on the online reporting form. These changes were designed to make job numbers more consistent across hundreds of different programs, and to make the data more accurate. For instance, the online system was changed to notify a recipient if the congressional district was entered incorrectly, and to prompt the recipient to change that number.


The following data includes information that was submitted in January 2010 to the federal government by recipients of grants, contracts and loans. This information was submitted to comply with Section 1512 of the Recovery Act and is also available on the federal website,


The spending data reflects activity between February 2009 and June 30, 2010. The job data reflects full-time equivalent positions funded between April 1, 2010 and June 30, 2010. Job numbers cannot be combined between quarters. Adding the numbers together would mean that some jobs are double-counted.


1512 Data Summary

Total number of Colorado grants subject to 1512 reporting 1,785
Total dollars awarded by recipients included in 1512 process    $4.18 billion
Total dollars received by recipients included in 1512 process $1.67 billion
Total dollars spent by recipients included in 1512 process $1.36 billion



Jobs Funded as Reported by Recipients Included in 1512 Process:

Full-time equivalent positions (FTE) are calculated based on the number of hours worked. This does not reflect the number of people hired. These numbers reflect retained and created positions tied to funds included in the 1512 process.


Total jobs reported by recipients subject to 1512 reporting from June to April 17,791.95
EXAMPLES: (preliminary numbers as of 8/11/2010)  
Higher education jobs 8768
Co. Department of Corrections 1,619.70
K-12 funds for teachers and other professionals working in special education, Title I schools, and homelessness prevention 1,538
CDOT Highway and transit projects 999.64
Adult job training and youth summer jobs 430.25
Science and research grants 556.5
Weatherization jobs 324.73
Water infrastructure 164.71
Public Safety 176.83
Colorado State Forest grants to companies and non-profits 75
Aerospace Manufacturing 927.29
Community Service Block grants 212.05
Civil Engineering and Construction 955.81