Colorado Economic Recovery and Accountability

Jose Aguirre

Jose Aguirre

Jose Aguirre, a worker on the first highway project funded by the Recovery Act

"The stimulus bill is helping my family. It's bringing home more money. I'm sure it will help the economy."

Jose Aguirre, 31, of Aurora, works at a small company called P.A.A. Contractors in Thornton. He lives with his wife and four children, ages 13 to one month. He is one of about 30 workers hired to do the first roadway project funded by the Recovery Act. His company will get paid $25,000 as a subcontractor on the $1.2 million paving job on Belleview Avenue in Littleton.

Aguirre said this is the first government contract his company has won and it means that he and his co-workers will make twice their usual salary ($22 an hour instead of $8-$11 an hour).


He said the Recovery Act "was a big thing in the in news. I knew the government was going to give a lot of money to the states. I was hoping I would benefit."

"It's already helping us. We hired four more people for this job. Once you go into a state job, the pay gets better. It's better than private jobs. We're getting our feet wet with this job. What a blessing to get our feet wet with the stimulus money!"


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